FIQAS executes and monitors the monthly billing and collection processes of Dutch sim-only provider Simpel. Outsourcing these processes contributes to an efficient business operation that enables Simpel to provide its services at very competitive rates. For these ‘managed services‘ FIQAS uses its proven Abillity® billing platform. More and more customer bases are being migrated from existing legacy systems, making Abillity® the leading billing solution for Simpel.

Simpel is a provider of low cost sim-only subscriptions. Since 2007, Simpel has been offering cheap SIM-only subscriptions, without fuss. Offering very low rates requires back-office processes to be lean and mean. By outsourcing billing and collection related processes to billing specialist FIQAS Simpel is assured of proven process efficiency and keeps remote control of crucial business processes.

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FIQAS and Simpel

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