E-invoicing with FIQAS

In the Abillity® software platform from FIQAS e-invoicing is just one of the methods in which invoices are offered to your customers. E-invoices from FIQAS can be processed easily and without error. Your customers will pay faster, so your DSO will be reduced and your cash flow will improve.

E-invoicing with FIQAS

More information about e-invoicing with FIQAS?

Do you have large numbers of invoices that you want to offer to your customers in e-format? Let us convince you of our approach, contact us for a proposal now.


  • DSO reduction and better cash flow by faster payments
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Very low cost per invoice

The benefits of e-invoicing

E-invoicing with FIQAS has many advantages. Your customers can pay their digital invoices immediately upon receipt and – when they are businesses – easily introduce them in their financial systems for further processing.

Processing of e-invoices FIQAS happens quickly and seamlessly,and saves your customers time and money. The result is that your bills are paid faster. Your DSO is reduced and your cash flow improves. Sending online invoices will save you out-of-pocket costs as well, for example on paper, ink and postage.

Sending digital invoices

In the billing process invoice lines are processed into invoices. The invoice data are presented in a bill that is formatted according to your wishes, and which meets the requirements of national and European legislators.

Digital invoices from FIQAS are available as e-invoice in the UBL 2.0 format. They are distributed in an automated process by e-mail, or SFTP or API calls.

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