Subscription billing. A challenge that FIQAS helps you to meet.

You provide services or products, and the idea arises to achieve business growth by also offering them in a subscription form. This calls for an implementation model that supports subscription billing, including the complex discount structures often associated with subscriptionsIt is a challenge to achieve this, in terms of the implementation as well as the execution of the billing process. FIQAS, the experienced expert in Business Process Outsourcing, is capable to do this work for you, The Managed Services from FIQAS are a proven Business Process Outsourcing platform that the FIQAS billing team operates like your remote Accounts Receivable department. FIQAS performs the entire billing process for you, from start to finish. You just deliver to your customers, we provide the billing and collectionSubscription billing? FIQAS helps you meet the challenge.

Subscription billing. A challenge that FIQAS helps to meet.

Interested in subscription billing with FIQAS?

Does your subscription propositions include a variety of discount structures? Do you have complex financial processes – pricing, billing and / or collection – or do you have to deal with large amounts of data, transactions and invoices? Do you want to outsource these recurring billing processes to an experienced and reliable partner? Let us convince you of our approach, contact us for a proposal now.


  • Flexibility in subscription types and complex discount structures
  • Very low cost per invoice
  • Rapid processing and unlimited scalability
  • FIQAS can source your entire billing process

Subscription billing with FIQAS. Anything goes.

For many customers FIQAS has implemented automated subcription billing processes, and subsequently produced and collected the invoices for many years. The Managed Services from FIQAS have many advantages in terms of subscription billing, but also when it comes to the billing of usage, and related financial processes.

  • Service provided by experienced and professional billing managers from FIQAS.
  • No operational stress. FIQAS is always available and your process cycles are always on schedule.
  • The reliable and flexible Abillity® solution from FIQAS fully integrates with existing elements in your system landscape, and always works.
  • No investments in expensive systems, no maintenance and administration, and fewer FTE’s. Operational expense can easily be calculated to cost per invoice.
  • What FIQAS does for you is fully auditable and transparant. Insight by means of customer portal, servicedesk portal and reports.
  • Free choice of processes. You can outsource just billing, but rating and collection as well.

Unburdened by FIQAS in practice

You have your own FIQAS Billing Manager, who you closely cooperate with and who ensures that all critical processes and controls are carried out within the tight timelines agreed with you. He or she knows the ins and outs of subscription billing and comprehends the financial processes in detail, is ready to answer all your questions and recognizes the importance of flawless execution, just like you.

It goes without saying that your FIQAS billing manager has a complete understanding of the functionality offered by the Abillity® software. So if you have a question, you will have an answer soon.

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