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Telecom billing is the specialty of FIQAS. For more than two decades FIQAS has been providing telecom billing solutions to telcos and ISPs that enable the successfull automation of their financial back-office processes. FIQAS solutions – managed billing services and advanced software – help players in the dynamic telecom / ISP market to permanently achieve important goals: immaculately organized pricing, billing and collection, healthy cash flow, customer satisfaction and customer retention as well as the possibility to quickly introduce new propositions .

Abillity®, telecom billing software from FIQAS

More information about telecom billing by FIQAS?

Telecom billing processes – rating, invoicing and/or collection – are complex. As a provider when executing these processes you probably have to deal with large amounts of data, transactions and invoices.

There is an attractive business case for the outsourcing of these processes to a reliable and experienced partner. Let us convince you of our approach, contact us for a proposal now.


  • >20 years of experience in telecom billing, for many prestigious telco’s active across the globe
  • Managed services and software, specially designed for telecom billing
  • FIQAS manages your complete process, ‘from collection to collection’
  • Specialized in complex processes, such as mediation and rating

The telecom / ISP market, continuity in dynamics

The telecom / ISP market is constantly changing. Technological innovations in rapid succession. New players entering the market provide intense competition. The playing field changes through mergers and acquisitions, as well as regulations and deregulation. Growing pressure on prices and margins, resulting in the demands for ever new creative propositions. In short, a dynamic market that offers many opportunities and challenges for ambitious players.

In all these dynamics one thing remains of undiminished importance: to be successful in the telecom / ISP market providers must have an immaculately organized supply chain: sales, ordering, delivery and invoicing of the products and services.

The process configuration, the relationship between the various processes and sound business process management remain crucial. Only then customer satisfaction, and thus customer retention is ensured.

FIQAS, over 20 years of experience in telecom billing

For more than two decades FIQAS has delivered managed services and software for telecom billing. Modern solutions enabling telecom providers and ISP’s to successfully automate their billing processes – rating, billing and collection.

Thanks to successful projects for many challenging customers FIQAS has built a reputation as a reliable, independent and flexible partner capable of automating even the most complex processes and executing them as an outsourced billing partner. And, particularly as a supplier offering the functionality and expertise that telecom providers need to introduce new propositions quickly and easily.

The core expertise of FIQAS is setting up complex processes in an efficient manner. Complexity in the telecom / ISP market is especially found in rating, the process where a price is calculated based on dynamic calculation rules and usage price plans. We dare to be quite immodest, we are good at this, there is no pricing process that cannot be configured in our Abillity® software.

FIQAS manages your complete telecom billing process

The telecom billing process involves a series of processes that FIQAS can support ‘from collection to collection. The processes cover a spectrum which can be summarized as collecting, converting and standardization of raw data from your systems, usage rating, the invoicing of subscriptions and usage, and the collection of the amounts invoiced

FIQAS configures these processes, themselves consisting of several sub-processes, in the Abillity® software according to your specifications. They are then carried out by us as a managed service with an agreed frequency. The implementation and exectution of the processes seamlessly matches the specific demands of telcos and ISPs. In particular, this goes for the often complex processes related to mediation and rating.

From the perspective of a CDR data collection, pricing, billing and collection.

The core of telecom billing is the route followed by a Call Detail Record (CDR) in the process ‘from collection to collection. Each CDR (or any other User Defined Record) proceeds through a series of sub-processes starting with ‘data collection’ and ending with “money collection.

Mediation – Collection

  • Depending on the physical set-up Abillity® is able to read CDR data directly from one or more switches. Non switch-related CDR’s (or other types of User Defined Records) can be collected through an FTP-connection.

Mediation – Conversion

  • Raw CDR data is converted to a uniform, usable format that can be processed by Abillity®.


Data load

  • Abillity® uses native fastload capabilities to download data efficiently.


  • In the linking process Abillity® links CDR’s to the right customers, using customer information in the database as well as identification codes in the CDR’s (e.g. CLI, PIN etc). By defining various linking methods and priorities the logic of even the most complex networks is followed.


  • To ensure an optimum data quality a deduplication process is run, based on configurable, variable criteria.


  • Abillity® offers various rating processes:
    • Base rating – determines the gross selling price of a CDR, without discounts
    • Compare rating – determines the selling price of a CDR like as a competitor would do (this makes comparions on the invoice possible))
    • Cost rating – determines the cost price of a CDR based on carrier’s price list (this enables margin analyses)
  • Abillity® offers several rating methods within these processes:
    • Prefix based rating
    • Content based rating
    • Source dependent rating
  • Rating is based on duration or other usage types, such as data usage, ticks etc)
  • Price calculations can also include following parameters:
    • Rate per minute
    • Call set-up charge
    • Minimum price per call
    • Minimum call duration
    • Billing unit (e.g. per second, 6 seconds etc)
    • Number of free records
    • Time zones (e.g. peak, off-peak, weekend, holidays etc)



  • Discounts per destination or per group of destinations can be introduced for each customer or groups of customers, e.e. based on volume,


Order generation

  • Order lines/ are composed for the invoicing period on the basis of call traffic/ and subscriptions

Invoice generation

  • Invoice records are composed on the basis of order lines for the period concerned. Invoices are generated in the currency registered on customer level.

Invoice printing

  • Call Management Reports are printed in the lay-out and language set for the customerOutput can be sent to a printing house or to printable files (for invocies that are printed on paper)


  • Invoice handling is simplified as Abillity® provides invoices in different batches (e.g. per lay-out, customer type, cycle, payment method etc.)


  • Invoices are distributed in digital format (in several formats) or via surface mail.


  • Abillity® Accounts Receivable generates automatic collection records (e.g. for SEPA direct debit). Payments are automatically linked to the invoices concerned. Reminders can be sent for overdue invoices.
FIQAS Process flow telecom billing (1)
FIQAS Process flow telecom billing (2)

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