Telecom mediation

In telecom billing mediation is the crucial and complex process in which raw CDRs or IPDRs are retrieved, converted, made uniform and consolidated to data types that are usable for the next step in the billing process, the rating/pricing.

Mediation is critical for the success of the billing process. It is also a complex process. Given the large numbers of usage records, it is important that data is read by the billing system directly and with high frequency (real-time, near real-time, but at least once per day), from the provider’s switch or switches. 

FIQAS has been providing telecom billing solutions to telcos and ISPs for more than two decades. The Managed Billing Services and the advanced Abillity® software from FIQAS enable the successfull automation of your financial back-office processes. Part of the FIQAS solution is the telecom mediation platform. The platform also processes usage records from providers in other industries.

Abillity®, de telecom billing software van FIQAS

More information about telecom billing by FIQAS?

Telecom mediation is a critical but complex part of the billing process. There is an attractive business case for the outsourcing of these processes to a reliable and experienced partner using great software. Let us convince you of our approach, contact us for a proposal now.


  • >20 years of experience in telecom billing, for many prestigious telco’s active across the globe
  • Managed services and software, specially designed for telecom billing
  • FIQAS manages your complete process, ‘from collection to collection’
  • Specialized in complex processes, such as mediation and rating

Raw usage data: collection, conversion, uniformation and consolidation

In the telecom mediation process raw usage data are pre-processed in a number of steps before they are useful for the rating process. The Abillity® mediation platform from FIQAS processes any type of CDR or IPDR, but its generic set-up enables the processing of any other User Defined Record as well.

Important parameters in this process are the number of usage records that require mediation, the collection and processing frequency as well as the complexity of the data processing.

Within the Abillity® system mediation consists of following process steps:

Mediation – Collection

  • Depending on the physical set-up Abillity® is able to read CDR data directly from one or more switches. Non switch-related CDR’s (or other types of User Defined Records) can be collected through an FTP-connection. The interfacing possibility that is preferable in a given situation depends on the process timing, number of records, reciprocity and complexity. The choice is roughly between an API, a simple file import or a hybrid solution. 

Mediation – Conversion

  • Raw CDR data is converted to a uniform, usable format that can be processed by Abillity®.
FIQAS Telecom mediation

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