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At FIQAS we welcome English speaking colleagues. In fact, the mother tongue of about 1 in 10 of our employees is other than Dutch. Being a Dutch company however, we expect all our colleagues to master the Dutch language to – at least – a reasonable extent. This is also why our job opportunities pages are mostly in Dutch.

So, if you are interested in a career @FIQAS and feel confident about your Dutch as well, start reading in English and be prepared for a transfer to the Dutch pages later…

FIQAS Developer

Experienced Front-end developer

FIQAS is looking for an experienced front-end developer. Key words: several years (>5 years) of experience as front-end developer, talented, professional. Experience includes Javascript frameworks / libraries, modular set-up of larger websites, modular set-up of CSS (such as Smacss / BEM principles ), TDD (Test Driven Development) and knowledge of ES5 / ES6. Also a plus: experience in Angular2+ and Typescript.

FIQAS Developer

Senior Back-end developer

FIQAS is looking for a senior back-end developer. Requirements in brief: academic level, talented, professional. Requiremengts includes: (near) academic level, experience (>5 years) in and knowledge of design patterns and software architecture, C#, Visual Studio, (ASP).NET, REST/Webservices and SQL. Pre: Domain Driven Design, Azure/Cloud hosting providers, (ASP).NET, ORM frameworks, Git.

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FIQAS, a great place to work

Located close to Amsterdam in Aalsmeer, FIQAS is a young at heart company, where professionals in software development and software services create and deliver good and elegant solutions.



At FIQAS we work hard, but we also spend a lot of time teambuilding. Both inside and outside our office we frequently organize events, such as sailing on the Markermeer, the FIQAS Friends & Family Day and other, sometimes typically Dutch events.


FIQAS office

At FIQAS several creative teams work hard to develop and provide flexibele software and software related services for complex business processes. We are convinced the inspiration to achieve this is best found in a pleasant working environment.