FIQAS Software B.V. has again improved the performance of its rating, billing and collection platform Abillity®. The renewed print engine makes the digital printing process four to six times faster than before. The first customer to take advantage of this innovation is MKB Brandstof. The new print engine will shortly be rolled out to other FIQAS customers as well.

The Abillity® system has always shown an impressive performance. By upgrading the rendering engine, the software that generates digital invoices, FIQAS has further increased the speed whereby Abillity® produces PDF-invoices that are opened by the customers in for instance Adobe.

MKB Brandstof is the first customer the new print engine is used for, and MKB’s customers are the first end-customers to receive PDF invoices produced by the new engine. MKB directly benefits from this innovation and so will the other FIQAS customers who will adopt the new print engine soon.

The invoicing process is shortened, end-customers receive their invoices sooner and the collection is effectuated sooner as well. The new Abillity® print engine offers added flexibility to the process as a whole and positively impacts cash flow.

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