Online payment of invoices generated by the Abillity® billing and collection platform from FIQAS Software B.V. is becoming ever more straightforward, thanks to the integration with systems of global payment service providers. FIQAS has now also created an interface with Adyen, ‘the leading technology provider powering payments for global commerce in the 21st century’. FIQAS customers, who either outsource their billing and collection processes to FIQAS or run their own processes using Abillity® reduce their DSO by the additional ease of payment that is offered by this integration.

The benefit of interfacing with Adyen is evident. The ease of payment it offers contributes to the DSO reduction of the FIQAS customers in an efficient, closed administrative process that is 100% auditable and allows them full control. The Adyen interface is part of the Abillity® Online Payment module.

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