Billing and collection specialist FIQAS is all set for the new call set-up charges in the COIN service number files.

Dutch telecom providers working together in Vereniging COIN have decided to update their service number files with a call set-up indicator. For each number it will be indicated if a fixed minute price is applicable with or without set-up charge. Presently it is only indicated if a price applies per call or per minute. The new indicator enables providers to easily add a call set-up charge to the price per minute. Rating and billing systems will of course have to be able to take this new data into account. The new structure is expected to be implemented by COIN as of April 1, 2014, though a delay till April 1 is not unlikely.

FIQAS provides professional outsourced billing services to a variety of providers in the telecom arena. In support of these services FIQAS gets COIN-files with ported numbers (‘number portability’), secret numbers (‘B-number masking’) and service numbers.

The FIQAS Abillity® billing platform is already capable of registering a call set-up charge per minute. The changes in relation to the set-up charges of service numbers can therefore be implemented without a software update. The new call set-up charge data provided by COIN will be correctly registered in Abillity®, and the new call set-up charge data will be included as rating and invoicing parameter.

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