Lydia Ventura (CFO OLX) and Rob Geleijn (CEO FIQAS) undersign the agreement at FIQAS HQ

OLX, the leading online classifieds platform in emerging markets around the world, has outsourced the invoicing of its paid services to BPO supplier FIQAS. In a managed service, FIQAS will take care of the creation and distribution of the invoices for online transactions worldwide, such as the purchasing of advertisements and banners.

OLX is part of OLX Group, a global product and tech company which operates a network of market-leading trading platforms in over 40 countries. With more than 350 million monthly users worldwide, OLX Group makes it fast and easy to buy and sell almost anything online, such as household goods, phones, cars and houses. Through consumer brands including Avito, dubizzle, letgo, OLX, and many dozen others, some 16.5 million things are exchanged on its apps and platforms every single month. The company is powered by a team of 5,000 people, operating from +35 offices across five continents. The team is united behind a single mission to upgrade people’s lives by making it super easy to buy and sell almost anything. Owing to rapid growth, OLX felt the need to manage and control the billing for the various countries in a uniform manner from a single integrated solution.

As an outsourced partner of OLX, FIQAS provides a managed billing service. In this real-time process, invoices for the banners and paid advertisements of OLX are generated and distributed automatically. The solution for OLX is based on the generic, Abillity® billing platform. In a joint project, FIQAS and OLX have fully configured it to meet the special requirements of OLX, taking into account the many regional differences, for example related to compliance. This service provided by FIQAS is already operational for OLX South Africa. Other entities such as OLX Pakistan are being connected at a rapid pace. The contract between OLX and FIQAS was signed on 19 September.

Lydia Paterson, CFO at OLX Group, is pleased with the choice for FIQAS: “OLX looked for an expert in large-scale international invoicing. In FIQAS, we found a partner that offers even more. FIQAS knows our domain-specific proposition, the administrative and technical challenge that is associated with it, and has exactly the solution that we need. Together we determine the right mix between a generic solution and the flexibility to leverage it in a landscape that is constantly evolving”.

FIQAS Managing Director Rob Geleijn: “OLX is a fast-growing, innovative global player for whom we can use our expertise and experience in complex invoicing processes. Our experiences with OLX are very positive, and we have great confidence in a successful and long-term partnership. For FIQAS, OLX represents a great opportunity to keep developing solutions for the future and to apply them directly on a large scale”.

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