A service company, FIQAS is always optimizing the service to its customers. The acronym FIQAS means ‘First In Quality And Service’ after all.

For FIQAS customers the FIQAS Service Desk is the first point of contact for questions and remarks on the performance of the software provided by FIQAS. The communication on questions, incidents and new requests takes place on the basis of ‘Service Cases’, which are handled by the employees of the FIQAS Service Desk based on service level agreements.

To support and optimize the support process, FIQAS has been working on a completely new, developed in-house application: FIQAssist. Using FIQAssist customer contacts can communicate online with FIQAS on Service Cases. This takes place in the form of a chat aimed at defining the actual support question as clear as possible so that FIQAS can respond adequately.


If desired, FIQAssist users can follow certain Service Cases and a simple dashboard encourages the persons involved in a Service Case to provide the correct follow-up. Compliance with agreed Service Levels can be monitored at any time within FIQAssist, thanks to reports available within the system.

The user interface is modern and easy to use, so Service Cases can easily be reported, found and followed.

The system is the product of FIQAS’s R&D activities, where (in an Agile project) new technology has been developed and deployed, based on DDD (Domain Driven Design), including a .NET Core based (platform independent) framework with a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA ).

In this regard, FIQAssist may be regarded as a successful Proof of Concept for the use of the new technology basis for the next generation of Abillity®, the Billing and collection software from FIQAS.

FIQAssist has recently been rolled out at Simpel, the Netherlands’ cheapest SIM-only provider and, next to being an Abillity user, now also an early adopter for FIQAssist. The first findings of Simpel are positive: the system is pereceived as intuitive and user-friendly.

After the successful launch at Simpel, FIQAssist will be made available to other customers of FIQAS in a phased approach.

More information? Erik Henselmans / +31 6 13135273 / erik.henselmans@fiqas.nl.

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