FIQAS Managed Services

With our Managed Services we offer you a proven Business Process Outsourcing platform that the FIQAS billing team operates on like your remote Accounts Receivable department. What that means for you? Quality, efficiency and flexibility in the execution of your order-to-cash processes and complete control over their execution and progress. But, without the operating stress and without the need to set-up and keep in operation complex and expensive systems.

FIQAS Managed Services

More information about FIQAS Managed Services?

Do you have complex financial processes – pricing, billing and / or collection – or do you have to deal with large amounts of data, transactions and invoices? Do you want to outsource these processes to a reliable partner with years and years of experience in managed services and a state-of-the-art software platform? Let us convince you of our approach, contact us for a proposal now.


  • Proven BPO platform for order-to-cash related processes
  • Proven effective in improving your cash flow
  • FIQAS can source your entire process

Quality, service and full control

There is a reason why the ‘Q of quality ‘and the S of service’ appear in the name FIQAS. Quality is a prerequisite for the execution of financial processes, as optimal process management is directly related to cashflow and customer satisfaction.

At FIQAS we guarantee this quality by closely monitored processes and elaborate protocols, carried out by our experienced and critical billing managers. And with a flexible software platform – Abillity® – that is able to meet all the functional requirements related to the order-to-cash process.

Service we provide to you, every day. You have your own FIQAS Billing Manager, who you closely cooperate with and who ensures that all critical processes and controls are carried out within the tight timelines agreed with you. He or she comprehends the financial processes in detail, is ready to answer all your questions and recognizes the importance of flawless execution, just like you.

It goes without saying that your FIQAS billing manager has a complete understanding of the functionality offered by the Abillity® software. So if you have a question, you will have an answer soon.

Carefree in practice

FIQAS billing managers: what do they do for you?

  • Define procedures, protocols and reporting structures in consultation with you
  • Collect and check data files and import them into Abillity®
  • Process execution and management (pricing, billing and / or collection)
  • At each step: perform checks, create reports and possibly submit them to you for approval
  • If necessary, make corrections or advise on adjustments on your side
FIQAS Managed Services - Carefree in practice

Auditability, transparency and clarity

FIQAS Managed Services - Auditing


Keeping track of the big picture while working with large volumes of data. This is a key advantage of the Managed Rating, Billing & Collection Services from FIQAS. The leading principle is “what goes in must come out or can be accounted for”. For each element the ‘who, what, when and why’ can be deduced, so you can always determine if your processes run as they are intended to. Audits of your processes (including ISAE 3402 audits) therefore have a 100% success rate.

FIQAS Managed Services - Customer portal

Customer portal

The Abillity® customer portal gives your customers a clear insight in their personal data, subscriptions, products and services as well as invoices, invoice details and payment status. The customer portal enables your customers to administer their data themselves in an easy way.

FIQAS Managed Services - Service Desk Portal

Service Desk Portal

The Abillity®.WEB module is the interface for your customer service department. This is a user friendly web portal for complete customer administration. Comprehensive reporting and work lists are available for your staff.

FIQAS Managed Services - Reporting


Standard and tailor made reports keep you informed of the operational progress and enable you to monitor and direct from a distance the processes carried out by FIQAS. Other reports provide management information.

Processes of choice

The order-to-cash process consists of a variety of closely related financial processes. It is up to you which processes will be sourced by FIQAS. Our customers sometimes start small, with one part process, one small group of clients and one billing cycle. Over time however, they outsource more and more work to FIQAS. That can be very simple, and it means less worry and more convenience!

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