Billing process optimization: rating

This is part 3 of a series of blogs from FIQAS on optimizing the billing process. In this blog we will focus on the complexities of the rating process. Rating is defined as the calculation of prices. That seems pretty easy! The correct calculation of all invoice...

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Billing process optimization: data collection

Data collection, the basis for a successful billing process The quality of the billing process is dependent on the correctness of the information available. Without good data, it is not possible to create correct invoices. This has many implications on downstream...

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Abillity® from FIQAS, leading billing solution for Simpel

FIQAS executes and monitors the monthly billing and collection processes of Dutch sim-only provider Simpel. Outsourcing these processes contributes to an efficient business operation that enables Simpel to provide its services at very competitive rates. For these...

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