For a well know Australian service site FIQAS Software B.V. has implemented the Abillity® Online Payment module which enables end customers to pay their invoices online using a payment method of their choice. To realize this FIQAS, in close collaboration with payment service provider WorldPay, has integrated a number of common national online payment methods in its billing and collection platform Abillity®.

FIQAS’ objective, in addition to the generation of correct and clear invoices, is to streamline the payment of the invoices. After all, sending an invoice to a customer is not a goal in itself, the invoice has to be paid in full and on time.

Working together with the client and global payment services provider WorldPay FIQAS has now further extended the Abillity® Online Payment module, and implemented it successfully. With this module FIQAS offers end customers a wide choice of national and global online payment methods. FIQAS will keep adding more payment methods in the module to continue to meet and stay ahead of customer demands.

The Abillity® Online Payment module provides intuitive customer friendly access to online payments. The end customer is informed of a new invoice by means of a clear e-mail. With a simple click, and without the need to log on first, the customer will be open the new invoice, and any other outstanding invoices, in a secure environment. Then customer can select an online payment method and pay real-time. Processing of the payment within Abillity® occurs real-time as well, and the customer will see the result of the payment, a paid invoice, immediately in the updated e-mail.

Should a customer fail to pay the invoice on time, the same mechanism will be integrally available as part of the Abillity® dunning strategy. Abillity® Online Payment is one of the links in the chain of Abillity® modules which in their entirety guarantee an excellent support of billing and collection processes.

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