Workspaces out of the ordinary

At FIQAS several creative teams work hard to develop and provide flexible software and managed services for complex business processes such as rating, billing and collection. In a very special office, for we are convinced the inspiration to achieve this is best found in an attractive working environment with special workspaces.

Kantoor FIQAS

FIQAS inspiration at work

So that is what we made, an inspiring place to work. From the outside our office building at the Hornweg in Aalsmeer looks just like any other contemporary office block. Inside it immediately becomes clear that we offer an inspiring and truly unique working environment.

Offices have their own carefully detailed themes, such as ‘sea and beach’, ‘clouds and skies’, ‘Holland’s finest’ or ‘skyline’. These themes are applied to rooms like the Living, the Lounge and the Boardroom.

In December 2015 we finished offices with a nautical theme: the Ocean Room, the Navigation & Control Room and the Captain’s Cabin. 

Our newest offices were opened in 2016. Their names ‘Tree House’, ‘Maya Room’ and ‘Elephant Room’ provide a clue to their atmosphere.

Click HERE to watch the video of our latest changes.

A working environment where our people can live up to their potential.
An environment that fits in the FIQAS philosophy
to also be an employer that is
First In Quality And Service.