Havenbedrijf Rotterdam kiest voor havengeldensysteem van FIQAS

The Port of Rotterdam Authority has started to invoice the port dues for seagoing vessels with the PortAbillity® solution from FIQAS. With the PortAbillity® solution, ship visits to the Rotterdam port area are translated into electronic port call reports fully automatically and in real-time. After validation by the Port Authority, the statements are immediately converted into invoices. The FIQAS solution was officially taken into use on 13 May by Paul Smits, CFO of HbR, who produced the first invoice with a (proverbial) single mouse click. The feedback from customers and HbR employees on the new port dues system is very positive.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority is responsible for the activities in the largest port in Europe. Approximately 30,000 seagoing vessels arrive here every year. Port fees for sea ships are all due costs related to a port call: port fees, quay, buoy and dolphin dues, disposal of waste materials, including discounts. FIQAS is an experienced specialist in rating, billing and collection solutions for businesses with complex processes and substantial data volumes.

PortAbillity® is an innovative port dues billing solution consisting of a web-based portal that communicates with modules of the proven, off-the-shelf billing-platform Abillity®. The PortAbillity® solution relates to the process of collecting and completing data, validation and rating, applying discounts, up to and including the invoicing, presentation and reporting.

FIQAS developed the solution in close collaboration with the Rotterdam Port Authority in a challenging project according to the Agile methodology. In the project, FIQAS successfully realized links with applications already used by the Port Authority. During the project, the processes related to the collection of seaport dues have been redesigned and optimized where necessary. In a next phase, the collection of inland port dues will also be optimized on the basis of the cooperation that has now been proven.

The new port dues system is fully in line with the Port Authority’s ambition to be the smartest port in the world. Digitization makes the port charge process more rational and efficient for users as well as for customers.

More info? Erik Henselmans / +31(0)6 13135273 / erik.henselmans@fiqas.nl.

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