FIQAS en Kliksafe

For more than 15 years, Canal Digitaal has been offering the largest and most diverse range of radio and TV channels via satellite in the Netherlands. Hundreds of thousands of Dutch people enjoy more than 170 radio stations and 300 digital TV channels daily via Canal Digitaal. This makes Canal Digitaal the third provider of television in the Netherlands. Since 2017 these channels can also be watched and listened to via the internet. Another proposition is internet and landline telephony. Canal Digitaal is, just like, part of M7 Group SA.

FIQAS provides a managed service for the rating of Canal Digitaal’s telephone usage. In the rating process, usage transactions are priced based on complex calculation rules. To this end, FIQAS uses the off-the-shelf Abillity® billing platform, that has been configured for Canal Digitaal’s specific processes.

The process that FIQAS manages for Canal Digitaal is rather straight forward: once a month all files with raw CDRs from the KPN switch are retrieved by FIQAS from a sFTP location.  The files are converted into one file which is uploaded into the Abillity® system. In addition, a provisioning file is uploaded, containing customer data, line data and subscription data. In the rating process within Abillity®, a price is then calculated for each CDR, based on various price plans and COIN data.

In a monthly process, the rated CDR’s with the right customer references are exported to Canal Digitaal, where the invoicing process is completed in separate systems.

Successful rating, just like Canal Digitaal ?

Is your proposition somewhat similar to that of Canal Digitaal? Do you have large numbers of usage transactions that need to be priced in an efficient and flawless process? Let us convince you of our approach, contact us for a proposal now.

What made Canal Digitaal select FIQAS ?

  • Coherent rating process for telephone usage streams, in a solution without bespoke software
  • Generic financial solution, integrated in Canal Digitaal’s system landscape
  • 100% reliable partner, enbabling Canal Digitaal to invoice correctly and transparently

FIQAS and Canal Digitaal

  • Canal Digitaal offers a wide range of TV and radio channels via satellite as well as the internet. Another proposition is internet and landline telephony.
  • FIQAS provides a managed service for the rating of Canal Digitaal’s telephone usage, using its own Abillity® billing platform.