FIQAS en Joulz

In the complex Dutch energy market, Joulz is the director for all energy issues. Joulz is a leading player in infrastructure and energy management. For example, Joulz is the expert in design, construction and management of complex medium and high voltage installations. In addition, Joulz is certified measurement manager and provides business customers with effective solutions in the field of energy management.

The Infra and Measuring Services business unit develops, designs, finances, constructs, maintains and manages energy infrastructure, such as medium voltage, steam and biogas. With years of experience as a certified measurement manager, Joulz offers her (business) customers insight and the ability to sustain their energy management.

For billing and collection of measurement services Joulz uses the Abillity® billing platform from FIQAS, which is offered by FIQAS as a managed serviceAfter Joulz has entered customer and order data in the Abillity® system, FIQAS provides the invoicing and invoice distribution in a monthly process.

In this process, the subscriptions and the purchase and installation related one-off costs are charged. FIQAS also arranges the collection (by direct debit) and payment processing of invoices.

A typical element in the Abillity® implementation for Joulz is the creation of correction invoices in a separate billing cycle. This sub-process is necessary for instance when there has been a change in a customer’s name or address details, their VAT number or when invoice lines must be changed. It is initiated by Joulz and then completed automatically within Abillity®. A credit invoice will be generated with the original details as well as a new debit invoice with the updated details. In Abillity® overpayments can be marked for payback as well. Based on this marking an automatic disbursement will take place.

At the end of the process, the Abillity® system provides various reports, tailor-made for Joulz: journal entries, turnover reports (‘sales book’) and exports for Joulz’s financial system.

Successful invoicing, just like Joulz?

Is your proposition somewhat similar to that of Joulz? Do you have a complex billing process and/or large numbers of invoices? Are you considering the outsourcing of these processes? Let us convince you of our approach, contact us for a proposal now.

Why does Joulz prefer FIQAS ?

  • Automated financial solution, integrated in Joulz’ system landscape
  • Billing and collection in one uniform and efficiently manageable billing street
  • Outsourcing means proven process efficiency and remote control of crucial financial processes.

FIQAS and Joulz

  • Energy provider Joulz is a certified energy measurement specialist that offers (business) customers insight and the ability to sustain their energy management.
  • For Joulz’s measurement services, FIQAS has set up the billing and debt collection process in the proven billing software system Abillity® and executes these processes as a managed service.