FIQAS en Joyne


JOYNE is the new Dutch provider of digital radio and television via satellite. FIQAS uses its own billing platform Abillity® to take care of JOYNE’s billing processes in a managed service.

JOYNE is a new Dutch provider of digital radio and television via satellite. In July 2017, JOYNE launched a complete and affordable radio and television package, consisting of digital Dutch and foreign radio and television stations via satellite. The package is intended for recreational use, for users such as caravan and camper owners, as well as home use.

JOYNE is a composition of Joy and Join. JOYNE wants to connect people and let them experience fun with the finest television and radio stations in the best quality.

JOYNE believes in good service and for optimal customer support customer, JOYNE is only for sale through JOYNE partners. More than 200 companies have already joined, so there is always a JOYNE point of sale in the area.

FIQAS takes care of the monthly invoicing for JOYNE in a managed service, . For this purpose, FIQAS uses its own billing platform, Abillity®, which was set up for JOYNE within three months.

In the FIQAS solution the various subscriptions of JOYNE are registered and invoiced: fixed annual subscriptions and 1, 3 or 6 month flexible subscriptions, allowing customers to choose when they will consume the purchased periods. 

In addition to subscription invoicing, FIQAS provides a part of the provisioning for JOYNE.

The administrative process begins when the dealer enters the customer data in the JOYNE web portal. After that, the customer receives a confirmation email from the FIQAS system with an iDeal payment link for the one-time registration fee and, in the case of a recreational subscription, the advance payment of the purchased number of months. In case of an annual subscription, the first monthly payment will be settled directly through iDeal, while the following monthly amounts will be invoiced monthly in advance and collected by SEPA direct debit. From the very first payment, the bank account number is verified, so that second direct debits are hardly necessary.

Once the first payment has been completed, the provisioning process towards Conax, the party that brings the satellite image to the disk, starts based on an automated workflow. The shape of this continuous process is linked to the subscription type. For an annual subscription a start and end date are created in Abillity®. These are communicated directly to Conax, which then activates the transmission of the signal.

The activation of the recreation subscriptions is based on tokens, which are automatically generated in FIQAS’s system after payment for the number of months taken. Customers receive an email stating that they can actively activate their tokens on the JOYNE website at any time, which then directly leads to an activation signal to Conax. For each activated token, the customer receives a usage overview in the form of an invoice.

For the JOYNE customer, it is very enjoyable that the systems of FIQAS and Conax communicate continuously. As soon as the customer has paid or their token is activated, they can immediately start watching TV!

Invoicing and provisioning. Be as successfull as JOYNE.

Is your proposition somewhat similar to JOYNE’s? Do you have a complex billing process with direct interaction with your provisioning? Do you want to outsource to a reliable partner with years and years of experience in managed services and a state-of-the-art software platform? Let us convince you of our approach, contact us for a proposal now.

Why does JOYNE choose FIQAS ?

  • BIlling specialist with specific telecom experience and familiar with parties like Conax
  • Senior partner, taking the lead in an implementation and ensuring fast results
  • Experience with start-up scenarios, scalable solution accomodating anything from a few to very many subscribers