FIQAS and Kliksafe

Kliksafe B.V. is an internet service provider that has more than ten years of experience in content filtering, making secure internet available for everyone. Kliksafe helps individuals, schools and businesses to exploit the potential of the Internet safely, protected from unwanted images, viruses and phishing. Regardless of the infrastructure such as cable, telephone, fiber or Wi-Fi. The policy is based on Biblical values.

Kliksafe uses the services from FIQAS for its billing process. The software used by FIQAS is the proven Abillity® billing platform, fully configured to the needs and wishes of Kliksafe. The managed services from FIQAS enable Kliksafe to integrate all invoicing flows into one monthly billing cycle.

Kliksafe made use of a bespoke application. One consequence was that subscriptions and usage were charged separately across different periods. Another consequence of the prior process was a cumbersome, mostly manual collection process. The new Abillity® implementation supports a highly automated process that is fully connected to enabler RoutIT, the CRM system and the financial administration of Kliksafe.

The FIQAS solution is transparent and completely auditable. The services and software from FIQAS have made Kliksafe’s financial process significantly less complex and time consuming. This allows Kliksafe full focus on its primary business.

Do you want to be as successful as Kliksafe when it comes to billing?

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What made Kliksafe select FIQAS ?

  • Our generic solution provides one coherent billing process for mutliple usage streams and subscription types
  • Automated financial solution, completely integrated in system landscape of Kliksafe
  • 100% reliable partner, enabling Kliksafe to invoice their customers correctly and transparently

FIQAS and Kliksafe

  • Kliksafe is an internet service provider that uses content filtering to make secure internet available for individuals, organizations, schools and businesses.
  • FIQAS provides a managed service for the Kliksafe billing process, using its own Abillity® billing platform.