FIQAS en MKB Brandstof

MKB Brandstof offers “maximum freedom for the unique power of entrepreneurs“. This is achieved with services that take away “hassle” among business owners, such as the car pass with handy apps for refueling, car wash and parking.

Using the car pass, the entrepreneur can refuel all over the Netherlands without being tied to any fixed branded petrol station. In addition, cars can be parked anywhere in the Netherlands. In the streets in more than 90 cities and villages using a convenient app and in more than 150 garages of Q-Park and P1, using the car pass. The car pass enables the entrepreneur to pay in more than 1200 carwashes, without separate receipts. The handy MKB fuel app shows all locations and washing methods. MKB Brandstof is available for every business owner with a Chamber of Commerce registration and one to ten cars (no lorries).

All service usage is billed monthly, tax-proof on one collective invoice. For this purpose, FIQAS has configured the billing and debt collection process of MKB Brandstof in the proven billing platform Abillity®. Abillity® is used by FIQAS as well as by MKB Brandstof’s financial and customer service departments. FIQAS manages and executes the billing process for MKB Brandstof as a managed service, and MKB Brandstof provides the debt management and collection process.

FIQAS for MKB Brandstof has also developed the flexible customer portal in which MKB Brandstof customers can manage their tank passes and have access to their subscriptions, usage, invoices and the state of the deposit that applies to the MKB Brandstof fuel pass.

The MKB Brandstof Process begins with the registration of customer data and car license plate numbers in the MKB Brandstof Customer Portal. During the registration, the customer agrees on a direct debit of  a first deposit amount.

Once the first deposit has been collected by means of a ‘deposit cycle’, card provider Travelcard Nederland automatically receives a signal to create one or more fuel cards. Travelcard Nederland sends the fuel card to the customer who can start using the card immediately.

Card usage and subscription fees will then be deducted from the deposit in different weekly and monthly billing cycles. If the deposit balance falls below an agreed threshold, or if the customer has indicated to increase or decrease the balance, the balance will be adjusted by means of a direct debit/pay out in a separate deposit cycle.

The usage transactions are provided by Travelcard Nederland and Quark. The Travelcard Nederland transactions (refuel, carwash and garage parking transactions) are processed daily in accordance with a scheduled procedure in Abillity®. The mobile-based parking transactions (for street parking) originate from Quark and are processed near-real-time in Abillity® through an API.

During the billing process, FIQAS generates SEPA files in Abillity® that MKB Brandstof then forwards to the banks for processing. MKB Brandstof then processes the bank payment files. Customers who use Exact Online can choose for an automated upload of their invoices (in XML format) in Exact Online.

Debt management is provided by MKB Brandstof itself, also from Abillity® AR. The deposit status plays a leading role here. Once the invoicing is done, the invoices and invoice details are available for the customer in the customer portal.

Successful invoicing, just like MKB Brandstof?

Is your proposition somewhat similar to that of MKB Brandstof? Do you have complex, partly real-time billing processes, do you have to facilitate deposit payments or do you have to deal with large amounts of invoices? Let us convince you of our approach, contact us for a proposal now.

Why did MKB Brandstof select FIQAS ?

  • Solution offering a uniform billing and collection process for several usage streams, invoiced against a deposit amount in one convergent invoice
  • Automated, flexible financial solution, in a central position in system landscape of MKB Brandstof
  • Flexible partner, enabling MKB Brandstof to invoice their customers correctly and transparently

FIQAS and MKB Brandstof

  • MKB Brandstof offers services, such as the fuel pass with smart apps for refueling, carwash and parking, tax-proof on one collective invoice, that relieve enterpreneurs from operational stress
  • FIQAS provides a Managed Billing Service for the execution and monitoring of MKB Brandstof’s billing process, using its billing platform Abillity®.