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Shutl is a London-based technology company offering a rapid fulfillment service by connecting online retailers with local same-day couriers. Shutl is known for offering delivery of online shopping orders in 90 minutes or less.

In 2013 Shutl was acquired by eBay. Shutl’s delivery platform allows eBay sellers to quickly choose from a range of competitively priced delivery options across popular UK couriers and print labels in just a few clicks, thanks to seamless integration between Shutl and eBay. Sellers can choose from thousands of convenient drop off-points across the UK. They can pay for all of their Shutl deliveries via PayPal in a single consolidated invoice.

For strategic reasons and because of anticipated future growth, Shutl has hired FIQAS as a 3rd party billing provider to take care of invoicing and collection. FIQAS has over 20 years of experience in facilitating financial processes as a managed billing and collection service. Specifically, FIQAS has been providing such services to eBay Classifieds Group for several years to mutual satisfaction, which led eBay to suggest FIQAS as a potential supplier for Shutl.

Outsourcing to FIQAS gives Shutl complete control over crucial back-office processes. FIQAS manages and executes all processes related to invoicing and collection for Shutl. This takes away the need to have dedicated resources available within Shutl and guarantees high quality, a timely cash flow and maximized payment rates.


FIQAS provides its managed services for Shutl using the robust, yet flexible Abillity® software, its own modular state-of-the art rating, invoicing and collection system. It is used by midsize and large companies in several verticals including Telecom, Utilities, Logistics, and e-Commerce.

Although generic, Abillity® is configurable to match each customer’s specific requirements. Its modular nature enables implementation of additional functionality if and when necessary. As an example, Abillity® offers Shutl a framework for defining and applying promotional discounts. When Shutl or eBay launches a campaign, Abillity® fully supports various types of promotional discounts for various groups of customers, including features such as price caps per transaction and a limit per customer per campaign. Shutl can also collect the outstanding invoice amounts of their customers by Braintree collections.

Abillity® is multi-administration, multi-currency and multi-language. New Shutl entities can easily be added within the same single set-up, each with their own characteristics but, where applicable, also re-using configured mechanisms.

The FIQAS solution for Shutl was implemented in a successful Agile project. The monthly number of invoices and the invoiced revenue show an upward trend that reflects Shutl’s strong business growth.

Do you want your billing to be as successful as Shutl's?

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Why does Shutl select FIQAS ?

  • Expert billing services provider, to ensure high quality, a timely cash flow and maximized payment rates
  • Proven service and software, scalable to facilitate anticipated future growth
  • Outsourcing means proven process efficiency and remote control of crucial back-office processes

FIQAS and Shutl

  • Shutl is a London-based technology company offering a rapid fulfillment service by connecting online retailers with local same-day couriers.
  • FIQAS takes care of Shutl’s billing and collection processes in a managed service, using its experienced billing managers and the Abillity® billing platform.