FIQAS en Kliksafe

Twenty years ago, Tele2 launched an almost impossible mission: breaking down existing telecom monopolies. Not without success, but also the current telecom market is still full of limitations and impossibilities. Tele2 is convinced that this can also be done differently. Better. Easier. And cheaper. By offering everyone what they need for less. By continuing to improve what people have become used to. By always being there for the customers – consumers and business customers alike. Tele2 goes even further to become the best telecom provider in the Netherlands.

Tele2’s offer for the business market consists of two business lines, each with its own service package and specific target groups. Tele2 Zakelijk (the former BBeyond) provides fixed voice services, data services, mobile services and custom solutions for businesses and other organizations. Tele2 Wholesale (the former BBned) offers a range of data services enabling telecom companies to offer tailor-made broadband services to consumers and businesses, under their own name.

For the billing process of Tele2 Zakelijk en Tele2 Wholesale and Tele2 Wholesale, Tele2 uses the FIQAS software: the versatile Abillity® billing platform , configured by FIQAS according to Tele2’s requirements and wishes, and deployed by Tele2 since 2009.

The Tele2 billing process running in Abillity® – generation and distribution of invoices of recurring and one-off subscriptions – is performed in several monthly cycles. Overpaid (pre-paid) subscriptions are corrected by an automated crediting process.

Other elements in the solution for Tele2 are convergent invoices, a central database (to eliminate redundancy and make information easy to find), a direct insight into the price agreements, invoices and invoice details of each customer, an easy-to-use product catalog and various standard reports. The Abillity® set-up also facilitates adding new billing streams easily. New services and products can be included in the billing process without delay.

The FIQAS solution is transparant and fully auditable. It includes a variety of controls to ensure correct invoicing. With FIQAS software, the billing process for Tele2 has become less complex and time consuming.

Your rating and billing processes as successfull as Tele2's?

Is your business-to-business proposition somewhat similar to that of Tele2? Do you have multiple billing processes, do you have to deal with large amounts of subscriptions and invoices? Do you serve wholesale customers at that? Let us convince you of our approach and software, contact us for a proposal now.

Why does Tele2 select FIQAS ?

  • Flexible software solution for the billing of multiple business propositions
  • Economy-of-scale by working in one future-proof system instead of several sub-systems
  • Partner with right mindset, skills and experience

FIQAS and Tele2

  • Through its business lines Tele2 Zakelijk and Tele2 Wholesale Tele 2 offers voice and (broadband) data propositions for businesses, including telecom providers.
  • FIQAS provides its own Abillity® billing platform, configured to compeletely meet Tele2’s billing requirements.