Since 1995 FIQAS has been an expert in telecom billing. Over the years, we have seen many changes and learned how we can best serve our telecom customers. We understand their challenges and know how to actively respond to them. Read more about this in this blog post.

Starting with a complex problem

Versatel (now Tele2), Scarlet, ZON Internet, Multikabel (now Ziggo), Ortel, Telfort, Simpel, Ziggo Zakelijk … Our telecom customer record includes many well-known industry names. We often come in to such a customer because they have a very complex problem that we can help them with. Gradually the confidence in us grows and we notice that we can do much more for them. This is how we prove ourselves time and time again in the telecom market. And that way we remain up-to-date of everything that is going on in the industry.

Margins under pressure

As in many industries, telecom is mainly about efficiency and flexibility. Because the margins are under strong pressure, it is important to reduce costs as much as possible. But flexibility is also important when it comes to responding to marketing campaigns or regulations, such as European roaming rules. One’s billing process must be ready for this and that is precisely what we are good at. For example, we are currently setting up billing for Ziggo Zakelijk with the new European roaming rules as the starting point.

Billing process decisive in marketing actions

An amusing story from the time of Scarlet indicates how important this flexibility is. At the time our programmers were all still working together in one room. They heard a beer commercial on the radio that promised a certain amount of call minutes from Scarlet for a crate of beer. Then they looked at each other and wondered whether we were aware of this action at FIQAS. After all, this had consequences for invoicing. The order of communication has meanwhile been reversed and we are closely involved in our customers’ new marketing campaigns.

Flexibility makes the difference

In old-fashioned billing systems everything had to be adjusted manually when a special marketing action was rolled out. With us you only have to create an action with a start and end date and everything goes well automatically. That flexibility distinguishes FIQAS from the competition. For example, an owner of a web store must always use the VAT for the country in which the buyer lives for certain products. Nearly always this has to be arranged quickly and that is what we help our customers with. In any case, speed is an important advantage of FIQAS. We implement a smooth running billing solution within just a few months.

Social collection

Often invoice collection has a negative ring to it. After all, as a commercial party you send a reminder with which you basically ask where your money is, while the end customer may just have temporary difficulties in paying your invoice. As a telecom company you do like to retain such a customer, however. A long-term relationship is the goal, so you do not want to deter the end customer. In the telecom market we see the term ‘social debt collection’ more and more often these days. With this method of collecting, the debtor’s interests are taken at heart, which leads to a positive feeling towards the telecom company. This may be a very interesting future development in this industry. It also has consequences for the backside of the invoicing process.

Human beings and robots

Robotisation, Business Intelligence and Artificial intelligence may be becoming increasingly important, but on the other hand, personal attention is becoming increasingly important too. It makes sense to automate what can be automated, but machines cannot convey feelings, so there is still a lot to gain for us people here. For example, as a billing manager, automation means you have a lot more time to test which type of reminder works best. You can also really go into debtor care and add value there. Isn’t that a nice perspective?

Rob Geleijn
Managing director FIQAS Software B.V.

FIQAS is an authority on invoicing processes, established in 1989, with renowned international customers and operating from Aalsmeer (greater Amsterdam area).

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