For fiscal year 2017, FIQAS has received a ‘zero exceptions’ ISAE 3402 type 2 assurance statement for the Abillity® billing platform. This statement confirms and substantiates that Abillity® offers complete control over the automated order-to-cash processes carried out by FIQAS for its customers or by customers using the platform as an on-premise solution.

ISAE 3402 is the internationally recognized assurance standard for outsourcing. ISAE 3402 certified service organizations are subject to a comprehensive audit of their risk management and internal control systems. All auditors in the Netherlands recognize the ISAE 3402 standard and can rely on this for their annual audits. The type 2 statement validates that the party under investigation has complete control of the processes outsourced to it.

FIQAS is a service organization that uses its own Abillity® platform to supply managed services for rating, invoicing and debtor management. For their Financial Statements, FIQAS customers are subjected to an audit every year, in which the automated processes and the security of these processes are of increasing importance, also in view of legislation. ISAE 3402 audits are therefore becoming more and more relevant for FIQAS customers.

A novelty for the 2017 review is that the assurance statement is the result of a generic review and includes a description as well as an assessment of all components of the Abillity® platform. In previous years separate customer-specific statements were issued that only related to the designated modules used by the customer in question.

The benefit of the generic assurance statement is twofold. The auditors of the customers of FIQAS can use this statement in their own audits. They immediately have the assurance that all components relevant to them were tested and comply with ISAE 3402 type 2. Knowing that FIQAS is subjected to this assessment every year and successfully owns it is also relevant for prospects and new customers of FIQAS.

FIQAS passed the general assessment of Abillity® with ‘zero exceptions’, meaning that the audit did not reveal any shortcomings. For FIQAS this is no longer a real surprise, because in previous reviews there were no exceptions either. Yet this new positive assessment is again a result to be proud of.

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