The Abillity® platform used by FIQAS for the Managed Services supports any collection and reminder process. The system offers several direct debit options (e.g. SEPA) and online payment options. Credits also are possible. Where possible payments are automatically reconciled. If a payment fails to occur the reminder process starts. This process is entirely set up according to your specifications. The results of invoices and payments are exported to your financial system on the basis of a general ledger code. Collection with FIQAS? Anything is possible.

FIQAS Collection

More information about our collection solutions?

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  • Proven effective in improving your cash flow
  • Supports all internationally accepted payment methods
  • FIQAS can source your entire collection process

Collection, credit payments & reconciliation

Invoices can be collected by direct debit (SEPA methodology or – BACS DD in Britain), iDEAL or through links with payment service providers such as WorldPay, Adyen or Braintree.

Invoices collected in this way are reconciled directly and automatically. Credit payments are processed in the same way. Stornos/reversals are processed fully automatically. Transactions on the basis of a bank import are reconciled either manually, or automatically on the basis of smart algorithms. International direct debits and credits according to the SEPA method are part of the system. In addition to the generic collection structure customized direct debit and credit formats can be provided easily.

Payment reminders

Reminder strategies can be defined in dunning flows, based on configurable processes . A dunning flow is a series of steps, such as letters, emails, reminder phone calls, following each other with a set interval. When an invoice is paid, the flow stops automatically for the invoice it concerns.

Failure to pay can ultimately lead to the export of debtor data to an external collection agency. It can also trigger a message to you about the (temporary) suspension of service to your customers, and tasks to the Servicedesk or other departments within your organization.

Export to financial system

After the invoicing and reminder process Abillity® automatically provides data to external systems. There is a wide variety of formats for interfacing with financial systems. Abillity® has a structure in which general ledger codes can be set for all billable entities. This ensures billing information can be offered to financial systems. Analysis of the aging of bills is made possible by a periodic report on the outstanding items.

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