A successful implementation of the Abillity® platform means seamless integration with existing business processes. What is required? A solid foundation of knowledge, experience and capacity. And that is exactly what FIQAS has to offer.

Guidance from the centre

Project approach

In most cases, Abillity® becomes part of an existing chain, integrating at the frontend and backend with existing, and sometimes outdated, systems and applications.

FIQAS is accustomed to this central place in the landscape, and our approach is therefore fully geared towards this. Part of this is that we like to take the lead in mapping out all central and adjacent business processes in order to thoroughly understand them. Our business analysts and implementation specialists particularly enjoy asking questions, asking more questions and solving ‘puzzles’, and that’s easy to see. With this enthusiasm and our knowledge of every level and detail, the implementation and configuration of Abillity® becomes a carefree process. Put us to work!

We always find a solution

Links with almost every system

Because of our central position in our customers’ landscape, we have also linked with almost everything over the years. Examples include operational systems at the frontend and various financial systems at the backend. For us, that is also a matter of properly mapping and then connecting. We are familiar with the technical and other challenges and therefore always find an appropriate solution.

Knowing what you need to know

Correct processing

Of course, we cannot do without your help in the implementation process. After all, we rely on your business rules for correct processing in Abillity®. We know what information we need and what questions we need to ask to get it, and you have the answers. By interpreting your business rules in the right way, without assumptions, we can create the right mapping to the processes in Abillity®. As a result, all operations fit together seamlessly, and correct processing is guaranteed.

insight at any time

Control & reporting

Abillity® provides a broad range of control and reporting options as standard. During the implementation process, we are happy to discuss the possibilities with you. We fully align the type and amount of control options to your wishes and needs; this often depends on how much of the process is outsourced to FIQAS. It does not matter whether you do the work yourself or choose our Managed Service: you always maintain control over your data and a grip on your processes. Examples include certain approval steps in Abillity®, for extra control over your cash flow. And with various reports, we can offer the desired insight at different points in the process.

Our knowledge remains available

Training & support

After the successful implementation of the Abillity® platform, our knowledge and experience remain available through our skilled Service Desk. Via FIQAssist, you can submit questions and requests quickly and easily, 24/7. Low-threshold and with a fixed point of contact, which is nice.

It is of course also handy and efficient if your people also gain thorough knowledge of Abillity®. For this reason, we provide in-house training. We provide an educational and fun day with your team or department, where we explain the processes in Abillity® and how our platform integrates into your broader landscape. We ensure that the explanation during this day fits well with the knowledge level of the group, and of course there is room for asking questions, which we enjoy 😊.

Are you interested?

Are you considering outsourcing your financial processes, and are you curious whether FIQAS is the right partner for you? Then get in touch. We’d love to talk!

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Senior Consultant

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