Doing well, doing good 💜

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by its nature ties in well with the philosophy of FIQAS as a socially engaged company. Because it is not only about ‘the bottom line’. It should also be fun to work with FIQAS, for example, thanks to good working conditions and a very pleasant working environment. And over the years, we have sponsored numerous local sports clubs and supported charities.

Even though it feels very normal to us, CSR is not ‘automatic’. It needs to be actively encouraged and facilitated – and that is exactly what we do.

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Green & sustainable

Sustainability is an important theme of and for everyone. That is why we at FIQAS are taking small and large steps in the right, green direction. For example, the greening of our fleet and our 8 charging stations. Or replacing the office lighting with 270 energy-efficient LED lights.

But every little bit also helps, which is why we regularly eat fresh ‘leftover soup’ and drink from washable cups and glasses. We do waste separation and recycling, and the light and heating are switched off as standard in rooms that are not in use.

“We believe that it remains fun as long as you are doing new things, so that you can keep your brain engaged, but that it also feels good in your heart.”

Rob Geleijn

Founder & CEO

Shopping locally

Since its founding in 1989, FIQAS has been based in Aalsmeer: this is where we are rooted. As part of the ‘local ecosystem’, we take responsibility by consistently supporting local entrepreneurs. If the local middle class is doing well, then everyone benefits. It creates jobs and a solid network of suppliers. And quality products are, and remain, accessible to everyone. But the social aspect also counts: a lively village centre ensures contact and makes it easier to pay a little extra attention to each other where necessary.

So shop locally as much as possible! We therefore do not buy our luxury Easter and seasonal gift packages online or from a big box store; we do this as standard from a local bread and pastry shop in Aalsmeer. The same applies to the countless pastries we consume every year. And of course, all bouquets for celebrations come from a local florist.

Offering internships

It can sometimes be quite difficult to find a suitable internship place. Of course, an internship is especially useful if you do something that you really like and that you probably want to turn into your profession later on. And preferably somewhat close by, so that you have some time left outside your internship for friends, sports and other things that are also important (🎮🙃).

At FIQAS, we understand that completely. And we have plenty of knowledge and skills to share! That is why we regularly offer internships to young talent from Aalsmeer and the surrounding area. In recent years, this has varied from career-oriented (‘exploratory’) internships from the HAVO, to HBO work placements and graduate internships. Logically, internships within FIQAS are usually focused on software development and IT, with which we are happy to contribute to a solid foundation for the future based on our passion for the content.