From data to revenues


Our modern software platform Abillity® converts data into revenues. The ‘bill’ (invoice) is deliberately central: all processes automated by Abillity® work towards an invoice or are a follow-up to it.

Abillity® consists of various functional modules. This allows you to determine which functionality is relevant for you and should be used in your order-to-cash chain. Whether this is a single module or a combination of several, Abillity® seamlessly integrates into your order-to-cash chain.

Abillity® features a great deal of functionality and flexibility (in terms of both configuration and integration options), scalability (suitable for processing very large volumes) and a high degree of security.

Everything we have learned over the years about order-to-cash processes has been brought together in our generic platform, which can be seamlessly expanded for each situation with customisation (‘best of both worlds’).

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Optimize data quality early in the chain by validating and enriching data from external sources.

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Always comply with pricing and other agreements made with customers, launch attractive propositions and maximise billable turnover.

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Clearly communicate what your customer has purchased, correctly and on time, and take into account local and other laws and regulations.

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Collection – oud

Automate your accounts receivable management, achieve a minimal DSO and, as a result, optimal cash flow. Use the right tone of voice in reminders.

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