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The Abillity® platform is universally applicable. Hence, our clientele operates globally, spanning diverse industries. Below, you’ll find a selection of our client references.


Volandis aimed to effectively automate the complex order-to-cash process surrounding the sustainable deployment of employees in the construction sector. With FIQAS’s Abillity® platform as the foundation, the construction sector now has the first advanced Prevention Care Portal (PZP).

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Now that PostNL Transport has also started using Abillity®, they are one step closer to their ambition of becoming the biggest provider of logistics solutions and postal services in, to and from the Benelux.

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With the free travel app ‘glimble,’ Arriva aims to make the use of alternative modes of transportation more appealing. FIQAS ensures that applicable rates, possible discounts, and subscriptions are processed into clear and accurate invoices for business users.

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As a challenger in the telecommunications market, hollandsnieuwe aims to keep operational costs low by outsourcing and streamlining non-primary processes.

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Port of Rotterdam

FIQAS provides the software that translates ship visits to the Rotterdam port area fully automatically and in real-time into a report of port dues. Upon entering the cargo volume by the user, the report is immediately converted into an invoice.

More about Port of Rotterdam


FIQAS processes tens of millions of transactions on a daily basis for KPN Wholesale using Abillity®. These transactions arise from the use of the fixed telephone network, both by their own customers and those of other telecom providers.

More about KPN


Simpel offers budget-friendly SIM-only subscriptions, serving nearly a million customers on the modern T-Mobile network. FIQAS manages the execution and monitoring of billing and collection processes for Simpel within a Managed Billing Service.

More about Simpel

Sound of Data

Sound of Data specializes in inbound telephony services, IVR solutions, SMS, mass voting, and WhatsApp integration. The consumption data generated from these services is processed by FIQAS into debit, credit, control, and remittance invoices.

More about Sound of Data


Adevinta is globally the largest in online advertising, with twelve brands spanning across the world. Through a Managed Service, FIQAS manages invoicing, monitors and processes payments, handles reconciliation, and conducts comprehensive accounts receivable management, including the collections process.

More about Adevinta


Marktplaats is the most popular classified advertisements website in the Netherlands, with over 2.1 million people visiting it daily. It was the inaugural brand implemented by FIQAS for Adevinta.

More about Marktplaats

Ziggo Zakelijk

Ziggo Zakelijk provides voice, data, and managed hosting services to both large-scale enterprises and smaller businesses. FIQAS oversees the invoicing process through a Managed Service, utilizing its proprietary invoicing platform, Abillity®.

More about Ziggo Zakelijk


Odido’s offering for the business market comprises two business lines, each tailored with its own set of services and specific target audiences. Utilizing FIQAS software for both billing processes has streamlined Odido’s financial operations, making them less intricate and time-consuming.

More about Odido and, the Belgian market leader in online advertising. Users of and receive their invoices through FIQAS in their preferred language: Dutch or French, as a matter of course.

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MyHammer is the largest German craftsman portal. An online platform where individuals seeking both small and large handyman services connect with qualified artisans to get their tasks done. Under a Managed Service, FIQAS oversees the ‘billing, accounting, dunning, and first-phase collection’ processes for MyHammer.

More about MyHammer


Kleinanzeigen is an ideal format for users in Germany and Austria seeking a simple, local online platform for classified ads. FIQAS processes over 150,000 invoices for Kleinanzeigen every month, using online digital invoicing (ODI).

More about Kleinanzeigen


Gumtree is the leading classifieds site in the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, and Singapore. FIQAS processes hundreds of thousands of invoices and payments every year.

More about Gumtree


Kijiji is the leading advertising site in Canada and Italy. FIQAS enables Kijiji to offer its customers invoices that fully comply with the complex multi-layered sales tax regulations in Canada.

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