Optimize your Credit Management

With the Abillity® module for credit management, you fully automate your credit management process. Through smart automation, you have control over your debtors, invoices are paid more frequently and faster, and your credit management process is efficient and customer-friendly.

Reduce Your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

Getting invoices paid quickly and efficiently is an important step in the order-to-cash process. With the Abillity® credit management module, you effectively organize the process around payment processing and debtor management. This reduces operational costs, but that is not the primary goal. Lowering the DSO results in optimal cash flow for your organization. And we are there to help.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

By intelligently setting up automated workflows, your employees have more time to work truly customer-oriented.

We ensure that – based on various characteristics of your customer and their payment behaviour – the right action, at the right time, via the right channel and with the right tone of voice reaches your customer. This gives employees more time for personal customer interaction. We approach the order-to-cash process as part of the customer journey, which positively impacts your customer satisfaction and brand perception.

Flexible accounts receivable Management

With the Abillity® module for credit management, you give your employees and customers more flexibility around paying invoices. Whether it’s a one-time payment deferment or an extensive payment plan, Abillity® offers it. Increase the chance of successful invoice payment by detecting changes in payment behavior in time and adjusting your communication accordingly. This way, you avoid an expensive and unpleasant process via a collection agency and ensure truly customer-oriented accounts receivable management.

The Abillity® module for credit management consists of the following components:

Payment processing

When you process payments in high volumes, a well-organized payment processing or reconciliation process is essential. Abillity® saves your department a significant amount of work by setting up the process in a streamlined and effective manner.

Payment processing

Accounts receivable

Managing outstanding invoices takes a lot of time. Abillity® automates your accounts receivable management, making the process more efficient and ensuring invoices are paid faster.

Accounts receivable

Payment Methods

Virtually all payment methods are supported worldwide. This makes it easy for debtors to pay invoices, and you have real-time insight into the payment status.

Payment methods

For these clients, we handle the credit management


As a challenger in the telecommunications market, hollandsnieuwe aims to keep operational costs low by outsourcing and streamlining non-primary processes.

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Adevinta is globally the largest in online advertising, with twelve brands spanning across the world. Through a Managed Service, FIQAS manages invoicing, monitors and processes payments, handles reconciliation, and conducts comprehensive accounts receivable management, including the collections process.

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Simpel offers budget-friendly SIM-only subscriptions, serving nearly a million customers on the modern T-Mobile network. FIQAS manages the execution and monitoring of billing and collection processes for Simpel within a Managed Billing Service.

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