FIQAS and Ziggo Zakelijk

Ziggo Zakelijk (formerly Esprit Telecom) provides voice, data and managed hosting services to large and smaller business customers throughout the Netherlands.

The motto of Ziggo Business is ‘At home, in your store, at the office. In the hospital and in education, Ziggo works so that you can do your job. In your way. Everywhere. At all timesThis ambition is achieved with a varied business menu card, from which customers can flexibly assemble the package that best fits their wishes.

The standard offer on the menu includes extremely fast and stable internet, which can freely be upgraded or downgraded, 1 or 2 fixed lines, unlimited calling and hosted VoIP, an extensive TV offer and mobile telephony over the Vodafone network. In addition, Ziggo Business customers can count on personal advice, 7 days a week free customer service and no unexpected costs. For the large customers, Ziggo Business delivers custom solutions.

For its administrative back-office processes Ziggo Zakelijk partly relies on the services and software from FIQAS. The invoicing of various telecom and ISP services has been outsourced by Ziggo to FIQAS. Previously, Ziggo handled these financial processes themselves, using different systems. With FIQAS’s solution, this approach has changed considerably: FIQAS takes up almost all the work, using one central platform, its advanced rating and billing Abillity® system.

Through the Managed Billing Services, the experienced FIQAS team manages the entire data collection, rating and billing process. In the mediation process usage data is collected from multiple sources and processed into the uniform Abillity® format, so usage is seamlessly introduced into the actual billing process. By working from one central system, the entire process wins efficiency, it is faster to adapt to changing demands and wishes, and Ziggo’s business customers are sure to receive a correct and convergent invoice.

Looking for successfull billing, just like Ziggo Zakelijk?

Is your service proposition similar to that of Ziggo Zakelijk? Do you have complex rating and invoicing processes or large numbers of customers or invoices? Let us convince you of our approach and software, contact us for a proposal now.

Why does Ziggo Zakelijk choose FIQAS ?

  • Our generic solution provides one coherent rating and invoicing process for mutliple usage streams and subscription types
  • Automated financial solution, completely integrated in system landscape of Ziggo Zakelijk
  • 100% reliable partner, enabling Ziggo Zakelijk to invoice their customers correctly and transparently

FIQAS and Ziggo Zakelijk

  • Ziggo Zakelijk is a provider of voice-, data and managed hosting services for large and smaller business customers in the Netherlands.
  • FIQAS provides a managed service for Ziggo Zakelijk’s rating and billing process, using its own Abillity® billing platform.