Accounts receivable

Effective accounts receivable management focuses on achieving optimal cash flow. But in addition to getting invoices paid quickly and efficiently, accounts receivable management also plays a crucial role in customer relationship management and enhancing customer experience.

With the Abillity® Credit Management module, you combine effective accounts receivable management with a personalized and customer-centric approach – even with higher volumes. This way, you achieve both optimal cash flow and a positive impact on customer satisfaction because accounts receivable management becomes an integral part of your communication strategy and customer journey.

Automated accounts receivable management with complete control

Reminding debtors often involves several steps. And for every organization – and the various customer segments within it – this process looks different. Abillity®‘s Credit Management module automates your reminder process and gives you all the flexibility to tailor it to your needs. This way, you initiate the right, appropriate action for every situation.

Consider, for example, the use of reminder emails, call lists, SMS messages, and in-app notifications. Often equipped with a payment link or QR code. And where necessary, Abillity® also communicates with external systems, such as deactivating a subscription.

Common Exceptions

You can also automatically handle common exceptions. For example, by temporarily pausing the reminder process because a customer has promised to pay, or by arranging a payment plan. This way, you can provide a personalized approach within an automated process.

Personalized Approach, Even with Large Numbers

By intelligently leveraging the characteristics of your customer and their payment behavior, the Abillity® platform selects the best action and tone of voice that aligns with the situation. You determine the underlying rules yourself. By optimizing your accounts receivable management in this way, especially with larger numbers of invoices and payments, you prevent unnecessary costs, delayed payments, and the need to involve a collection agency.

And if you use a customer portal, give your customers the ability to influence their own accounts receivable management process. For example, by creating a direct connection between your existing customer portal and Abillity®. Of course, you decide the limits of what is desirable. That’s when it truly becomes personal.

Real-time Insight into Current Status

To effectively serve your customers, real-time insight into the current status of a debtor is crucial. In Abillity®, a balance is maintained of invoices to be paid and payments received (or pending). This balance can be viewed at both debtor and invoice levels. Additionally, any fines, interest, and credit notes are transparent. This enables your credit management or customer care department to assist your customers effectively in case of inquiries.

Amicable Collection Process

And if a customer, despite all efforts, does not (fully) pay, Abillity® automatically transfers the file to your collection agency. However, this does not mean losing sight of your debtor. Any amounts received through this route are accurately recorded on your customer’s balance sheet. This way, you continue to maintain insight and control over your debtor.

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