Abillity®, reliable and flexible billing software

Billing processes require a billing system that is robust enough to ensure their progress. It must also provide the flexibility to continue to meet new requirements, especially if these are complex or if there are large amounts of data to be processed. The Abillity® billing software from FIQAS has all the functionality needed for the successful automation of your invoicing process and related financial processes, such as rating and collection.

Abillity®, reliable and flexible billing software

Interested in our billing software?

Do you have complex billing processes or large numbers of invoices? Let us convince you of our Abillity® invoicing software, contact us for a proposal now.


Why Abillity® ?

  • Robust, accurate and maintainable system
  • Complex processes and large data volumes
  • Fully integrated in your complex system landscape
  • Rapid processing and unlimited scalability

Before billing: rating of transaction data

  • Usage data, subscriptions and products, discounts and commissions
  • System handles all types of customer, subscription and transaction data
  • Comprehensive mediation – complex operations and conversions of data from different sources
  • Supports the most complex tariff and discount structures

The billing process: invoicing of subscriptions and transactions

  • From invoice line to invoice
  • Invoice formatting and distribution
  • Invoices in any format, incl. E-invoices / UBL

After billing: direct debit & credit, reconciliation

  • Direct debits (and credits), payment processing and sending reminders
  • Direct debit via via SEPA or BACS DD
  • Online payments via PayPal, Credit Card, etc
  • Flexible dunning strategies, payment reminders in various formats
  • Export to financial system

Clear, transparent and auditable

  • All data about customers, purchased products / services, transactions, invoices and payments are comprehensively presented through the customer portal and web-based user interface.
  • Full auditability: each transaction is traced from start to finish, on the principle of “what goes in must come out or can be accounted for“.
  • Standard and customized reports

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