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Abillity® of course, meets all the requirements set by the GDPR for the processing of personal data. FIQAS is ISO27001 certified, and we successfully complete various ISAE3402 type II audits each year. This underscores the Q in FIQAS, referring to the Quality of our software, people and processes. We thus seamlessly meet the requirements and chain certification that your organisation sets for service providers and third parties.

Are there other audits required or initiated by your organisation? Then we are happy to cooperate with those as well.

make the right, well-supported choice

Safe outsourcing

Outsourcing primary and other processes involves multiple internal and external stakeholders, especially when this affects the financial flow of your organisation. Their main concern? That all the preferable and required boxes are checked, also in the area of security and privacy.

The frameworks outlined for this are often both important and challenging for selecting the right partner. How do we continue to meet domestic and international laws and regulations? And follow the rules specific to our industry? Does the process comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? And how do we protect our digital and other processes? These are just a few examples: in practice, there are often hundreds of questions and conditions.

But not to worry. At FIQAS, we are more than familiar with this, and we know from experience how essential getting all the lights green is.

measuring is knowing

Measures & Controls

Knowledge and experience are extremely useful, but ‘measuring is knowing’. You want to be able to objectively determine that we are indeed correctly interpreting issues in the field of security and compliance. FIQAS has an extensive arsenal of measures and ‘controls’, based on which we can demonstrate the certainty we offer. We do this not only in the run-up to a successful implementation; we always work according to a fully continuous process of measuring points and auditable conditions..

We believe it is essential for us to be able to connect properly to your organisation based on a shared understanding. We are therefore happy to consult with your Security and/or Compliance team, so we can secure the required agreements and measures in the right way in a processor agreement.

Want to know more?

Considering outsourcing your financial processes and wondering if FIQAS could be the right partner for you? Feel free to get in touch for an exploratory conversation.

Duco Waterreus

Security Officer

+31 297 382323

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Secure Outsourcing of Processes with Abillity®: Confirmed According to ISAE 3402 Type II Standards!

With the ISAE3402 type II certificate you have the assurance that outsourced processes are carried out effectively and securely. Our Abillity® platform holds this certification, and once again, zero findings were identified in the past year!

ISO27001 control audit

During the annual control audit of our ISO27001 certification, we’re reassessed to ensure we remain ‘in control’ in terms of information security. And, naturally, we are! The audit didn’t uncover any shortcomings. It’s a result to be proud of.

Security is in our DNA, and now we are officially ISO 27001 certified

We consistently handle sensitive information. That’s why it’s second nature for us to handle it with utmost care.