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FIQAS and MyHammer

MyHammer is Germany’s number 1 ‘Handwerkerportal’, a website for finding qualified tradespeople and service providers. FIQAS provides a Managed Billing Service for the execution and monitoring of MyHammer’s billing, payment processing and first phase collection processes, using its Abillity® billing platform.

MyHammer is the largest German ‘Handwerkerportal’, the web portal where supply and demand in the field of small and large-scale jobs meet. With the web portal, MyHammer offers an online platform that allows people who want to have a job done to get in touch with qualified craftspeople, builders and service providers. The German web portal has existed since 2005 and is visited monthly by more than half a million clients. MyHammer also has very successful portals in Austria and the United Kingdom.

For MyHammer, FIQAS provides a Managed Service for the execution of the ‘billing, accounting, dunning and first phase collection’ processes. This includes, after the customer and subscription data from the MyHammer system has been pushed to FIQAS’s Abillity® platform, a series of subprocesses: the generation and distribution of invoices among MyHammer customers in Germany, Austria and UK, processing of payments (SEPA debit, and credit card and Adyen payments), pushing billing and incasso results to MyHammer’s CRM system and exporting ledger data to MyHammer’s financial system (Navision).

The Abillity® implementation for MyHammer includes a number of special and sometimes complex elements, just like the implementations for other clients. Some examples:

MyHammer signs subscriptions with its customers that can vary in terms of duration, usually 1 or 2 years. These are invoiced from Abillity®, all at once and in advance, and then direct debited in arrears. This requires, among other things, specific reports in which the reconciliation details are included, as well as a revenue allocation per day.


For most customers, FIQAS sends payment reminders based on the invoice level. For MyHammer, however, this is done on debtor level, thus giving the debtor an overview of all outstanding items. The customer will not receive a reminder letter for each invoice, just the communication about the highest reminder level.

Automated write-offs have been implemented for payments that are impossible to collect. They are controlled by flexible, easy-to-configure business rules. When necessary, these write-offs can be reversed on the basis of date and time. This ensures all reports can be run over time, without changing the data.

The MyHammer process also includes more common sub-processes, such as invoicing and autocrediting in case of premature contract termination. The remaining part of the contract period is invoiced (and direct debited) or corrections are made for excess invoice amounts (thru a direct credit or by settling with a next outstanding invoice).

FIQAS has set up various detailed reports for MyHammer. In addition to the revenue allocation per day, necessary in connection with the pre-invoicing, there are specific reports, for example for Navision as well as an aging report. MyHammer’s debt collection agency receives a report with debtor and invoice information for the non-amicable collection from Abillity®. Feedback from the collection agency is automatically fed into Abillity®.

Successful billing and collection like MyHammer ?

Is your service proposition somewhat similar to that of Hammer? Do you have complex billing and collection processes or large numbers of transactions and invoices? Let us convince you of our approach and software, contact us for a proposal now.

Why does MyHammer select FIQAS ?

  • Integrated billing and collection, whereby all products and services are billed/collected from 1 central application.
  • Billing and collection solution seemlessly integrated into MyHammer’s existing set-up and processes.
  • Quality and continuity guaranteed by our team of experienced billing managers, at a limited investment.