FIQAS and PostNL

The Dutch postal company PostNL is, among other things, due to the high quality of delivery, market leader in the postal package market in the Benelux. In England, Germany and Italy, PostNL offers a realistic alternative to existing mail and parcel delivery providers.

Each month, PostNL processes millions of packages, as single package shipments and as cargo. Due to the increase in online shopping, these numbers are expected to be strong for the time being. The large number of transactions, the different types of contracts with business customers and the differences between countries require a highly flexible and scalable billing system.

PostNL carries out the rating, billing and cash-on-delivery processing of the mail package with Abillity®, the FIQAS billing and collection platform. The proven billing platform is fully adapted to PostNL’s requirements and wishes. The system is used for the rating and invoicing of the shipping of packages from the Belgium entity, the Extra@Home shipments in the Netherlands as well as the E-commerce Services. Other entities are being added to the implementation.

With Abillity®, FIQAS provides a robust rating and billing system that is highly suited to processing the millions of transactions delivered by PostNL systems, in processes required to meet the different demands by countries and target markets (B2B vs B2C).

In the PostNL project, Abillity® is an important link in PostNL’s financial architecture. The system provides data for the debt collection and pay-out processes as well as other financial processes of PostNL, which are run in SAP and AFAS.

A specific element in the PostNL implementation is the complexity of the rating mechanisms. The cost of a transport transaction depends on the destination of the cargo, the requested time of delivery and many other factors that affect the cost. A few examples: what is the size and the weight of the load, must the cargo be secured, is a toll road taken or is a ferry part of the route? Should something be installed, such as a washing machine on the second floor for which different people are needed? The number of complicating factors is virtually unlimited, and the rating process in Abillity® addresses them all.

Other elements are the variation in billing mechanisms, and the differentiation in pricing, for example in connection with contractual agreements with business customers. National billing and VAT regimes are supported without problems. Abillity® is furthermore a multilingual, multinational solution that can accommodate different administrations within one set-up.

For FIQAS, the success of the PostNL project in Belgium and the Netherlands is a beautiful test of competence in the logistics sector. FIQAS hopes to help achieve the ambition that PostNL has to be the best European postal and parcel company.

Rating and invoicing. Be as successfull as PostNL

IIs your proposition somewhat similar to that of PostNL? Do you have complex billing and / or collection processes or do you have to deal with large amounts of data, transactions and invoices? Let us convince you of our approach, contact us for a proposal now.

Why did PostNL select FIQAS ?

  • Good, structural solution for PostNL’s complex rating challenges
  • Generic solution, integrated in the existing value chain of PostNL
  • Control over large numbers of specific customer agreements

FIQAS and PostNL

  • PostNL is the market leader in the postal package market in the Benelux, offering a realistic alternative to existing postal and parcel delivery companies in England, Germany and Italy.
  • FIQAS provides Abillity® as the proven software solution for the rating and billing of the transactions provided by PostNL’s systems.