Simpel is a provider of low cost Sim-only subscriptions. Since 2007, Simpel has been offering cheap SIM-only subscriptions, without fuss. Simpel challenges complicated matters by making them simple and accessible to everyone. Offering very low rates requires back-office processes to be lean and mean.

FIQAS provides a Managed Billing Service for the execution and monitoring of Simpel’s billing and first phase collection processes on a monthly basis. The outsourcing of these processes contributes to the efficient management which enables Simple to offer its services at very low rates.

For the Managed Billing Service for Simple FIQAS uses its own Abillity® platform. This advanced software suite was successfully implemented for Simple in a brief Agile project. The FIQAS solution is integrated in the 4-tier architecture developed by Enrise, to which Business Base is connected as well.

FIQAS and Abillity® have some strong assets for Simpel. To ensure diversification in sales and customer contact FIQAS bills for Simpel every working day. Risks are restricted in various ways, such as incremental advance payments. The Abillity® application enables a complete audit of the processed usage, and payments through online channels are validated and audited before they appear on Simple’s bank account. Abillity® also offers a complete set of financial reports, as well as exports that are fed into Simpel’s financial administration.

The standard API available in Abillity® not only allows easy integration with third party systems, but also a customer-bycustomer migration. Big bang migration and the associated risks – are therefore not necessary. The migration to Abillity® for Simpel could thus be achieved in a short time, after thorough preparation period in which the entire partner chain is tested. Billing and first phase collection of the Simpel customers now take place in a uniform and effectively managed billing street.

Invoicing and collection. Be as successfull as Simpel

Is your proposition somewhat similar to that of Simpel? Do you have complex billing and / or collection processes or do you have to deal with large amounts of data, transactions and invoices? Do you want to outsource these processes to a reliable partner with years and years of experience in managed services and a state-of-the-art software platform? Let us convince you of our approach, contact us for a proposal now.

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What made Simpel select FIQAS ?

  • Automated financial solution, integrated in service layer developed by Enrise
  • BIlling and collection in one uniform and efficiently manageable billing street
  • Outsourcing means proven process efficiency and remote control of crucial financial processes.

FIQAS and Simpel

  • Simpel is a provider of low cost Sim-only subscriptions, servicing hundreds of thousands of customers on the T-Mobile network.
  • FIQAS provides a Managed Billing Service for the execution and monitoring of Simpel’s billing and first phase collection processes