'Billing, accounting, dunning and first phase collection'


FIQAS handles, in a Managed Service, the processes of invoicing, accounting, dunning, and fund collection for MyHammer .

MyHammer stands as the largest German craftsman portal, an online platform where demand and supply for both small and large job tasks converge. Serving as a platform connecting individuals seeking services with qualified artisans, MyHammer’s web portal has been operational since 2005 and garners monthly visits from over half a million clients. MyHammer has also expanded its highly successful portals to Austria and the United Kingdom.

Under a Managed Service, FIQAS oversees the ‘billing, accounting, dunning, and first-phase collection’ processes for MyHammer. This includes a sequence of subprocesses following the transfer of customer and subscription data from MyHammer’s system to FIQAS’s Abillity® platform via an API. These sub-processes encompass generating and distributing invoices among MyHammer customers in Germany, Austria, and the UK, processing payments (SEPA direct debits, credit card payments, and Adyen), transferring invoicing and collection outcomes to MyHammer’s CRM system, and exporting ledger data to MyHammer’s financial system (Navision).

Similar to the Abillity® implementations for most other clients, the implementation for MyHammer features several distinct and sometimes complex elements. A few examples include:

  • MyHammer engages customers in subscriptions that may vary in durations, typically 1 or 2 years. These are pre-invoiced in one go via Abillity® and then collected in installments. This necessitates specific reports detailing reconciliation in intricate detail, including revenue allocation per day.
  • While most of FIQAS’s clients send payment reminders at the invoice level, MyHammer issues reminders at the debtor level, providing a comprehensive overview of all outstanding dues. Thus, the customer doesn’t receive a reminder for each invoice but only communication pertaining to the highest reminder level.
  • Automated write-offs for uncollectible payments have been implemented, driven by flexibly configured business rules. These write-offs can potentially be reversed/rebooked based on date and time. A unique aspect is the ability to generate reports over time without altering the data.
  • The MyHammer process also includes more standard subprocesses like invoicing and auto-crediting in the event of premature contract termination. This involves invoicing (and collection) for the remaining period of the contract or adjustments made for over-invoiced amounts (via credit memo or offsetting against a subsequent open invoice).

FIQAS has set up various detailed reports for MyHammer. In addition to the revenue allocation per day (necessary due to advance invoicing), specific reports exist for Navision and an aging report. MyHammer’s collection agency receives a report from Abillity® containing debtor and invoice information for non-amicable collections. The feedback from the collection agency is automatically processed into Abillity®.


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