Payment methods

By providing your invoice with various payment methods, you enhance the convenience of payment for your customer.

Invoices that are easy to pay are settled more quickly, resulting in an immediate positive impact on your cash flow.

Various (online) payment methods integrated by default

In the Netherlands, iDEAL is the most commonly used online payment method. Abillity® directly integrates with the bank of your choice for iDEAL payments, eliminating the need for a separate agreement with a payment service provider.

Moreover, SEPA direct debit, credit transfers, and various other (online) payment methods are also standardly integrated into the Abillity platform. This provides you with real-time insight into the status of payments, with reports being updated instantly.

Payment Links & QR Codes

With the Abillity® credit management module, you can easily add a payment link or QR code to all your communication channels. This includes your customer portal, email, and SMS messages. Additionally, through Abillity®, you can also include a payment page where customers can view all their (outstanding) invoices and pay one or more invoices with just one click.

Real-time Payment Status

Because Abillity® has a direct connection with the central payment administration, the current payment status of an invoice is always available. This ensures that an invoice is only paid once and only the exact amount that is still outstanding at the time of payment. This way, the debtor position of your customer is always fully up-to-date.

The Abillity® platform provides standard full support for:

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