Secure Outsourcing of Processes with Abillity®: Confirmed According to ISAE 3402 Type II Standards!

26 January 2024 Security

More and more often, organizations choose to outsource processes that do not belong to their core business. However, if you opt for outsourcing, you want to ensure that your processes are executed well and securely. This is especially crucial when it comes to financial processes. The ISAE 3402 type II statement provides a solution for this. Our Abillity® platform possesses this statement, and, just like in previous years, zero findings were identified in the past year!

Secure your process

How is the security arranged? And who has access to the information? These are logical questions that an organization may have when considering outsourcing processes. Yet, there are increasingly more organizations choosing to focus on their core tasks and outsource other processes (as much as possible). Whether as a form of efficient operation or simply to save costs, the necessity for control over these outsourced processes does not diminish. To ensure a well-managed process, the ISAE 3402 type II statement is in place.

Every year, an extensive audit takes place on our Abillity® platform. This audit includes an assessment and evaluation of all modules of Abillity®, meaning that our platform and all related processes are tested for reliability and security in modules such as transformation, rating, billing, and collection (or in other words, accounts receivable).

Once again, no findings identified

Stella Calvetti, Total Quality Manager at FIQAS, states, “This is now the sixth year that our platform has been assessed. And it’s almost becoming boring to say that yet again, no findings have been identified! The auditors have once again handed us the ISAE 3402 type II statement with pleasure. Naturally, we are proud of this, especially for our clients. Because how reassuring is it to outsource your process to a party that excels year after year?”

Want to know more?

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Stella Calvetti

Total Quality Management

+31 297 382323

New EU waste charge directive flawlessly integrated into Abillity®

The European Union has introduced a new directive aimed at reducing marine pollution from ship waste. With the rating module of Abillity®, the Port of Rotterdam can effortlessly handle this change.

New SEPA file format ‘SEPA XML’ now available in Abillity®

As of 23 November 2025, it is mandatory to add address details in a structured format to bulk payments and direct debit batches. To facilitate this, a new file format (SEPA XML version 2019) has been made available. Our Abillity® platform already supports this new file format.

Happy holidays

We wish you a Merry Christmas and lots of ‘Quality time’ in 2024.