FIQAS assists KPN Wholesale in streamlining the billing process

02 December 2020 Abillity® Billing

FIQAS Software has developed a ‘High Volume Data Transformation’ platform aimed at entities that handle substantial daily transaction volumes—often reaching hundreds of millions—that require billing.

Data Transformation

This kind of ‘raw’ data, often sourced from various origins, generally cannot serve as a direct basis for a billing process. FIQAS’ platform refines extensive transaction flows into a format suitable for billing through several steps. The system has been tailored for KPN, utilized for a portion of billing for its telecom wholesale services.

Enrichment and Validation of Raw Data

Accurate and complete data are essential for any billing system to generate correct invoices. This new component within FIQAS’ billing platform, Abillity®, prevents issues at the beginning of the billing chain, reducing subsequent error corrections. The platform validates and enhances raw data using reference tables and algorithm-based processes. After predefined operations, the data, possibly in an aggregated format, is sent to the billing platform. In KPN‘s case, this data also reaches wholesale partners and a data warehouse.

Through a web portal, users can view the transformation process results, rectify errors, reprocess data, and manage the reference data steering the process. The portal prioritizes user-friendliness, security, auditability, and performance.

“FIQAS software provides a solution for the complex data conversion steps encountered by us as a wholesale telecom provider.”

Processing telephony usage, as seen with KPN Wholesale, is just one application of this new module. Other potential uses include handling IoT events, logistical order lines, e-commerce transactions, and data streams from various networks, including utilities.

The process operates continuously, supplying inputs to systems further along the order-to-cash chain, such as the modules provided by FIQAS for billing and credit management.

Solution for Complex Data Conversion Steps

Michel van Wissen, Director at KPN Wholesale, stated: “FIQAS software provides a solution for the complex data conversion steps encountered by us as a wholesale telecom provider. The structured preprocessing of the enormous transaction volumes we generate ensures accurate data feeding into our billing processes, allowing us to take further steps in digitization. This preprocessing is a prerequisite for a successful and efficient billing process, enabling us to better serve our customers.”

Rob Geleijn, Director of FIQAS Software, added: “With this innovative platform, we expand our services and assist KPN Wholesale and other clients in achieving higher data quality for billing inputs. The data transformation platform offers a robust combination of flexibility, stability, and performance in handling substantial transaction volumes. Hence, we transform raw data into comprehensive and valuable input for the billing process, even for KPN Wholesale.”

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