FIQAS for Third Consecutive Year in Main Software 50

08 November 2018 FIQAS

FIQAS Software maintains its impressive position in the Main Software 50 for the year 2018, a list featuring the fifty most successful independent, non-listed Dutch software companies. The rankings for the 2018 edition are based on the 2017 figures, a year in which FIQAS once again achieved substantial growth in revenue and results.

The Main Software 50 list, revealed on November 1st, is an initiative by Main Capital Partners, a private equity investor specializing in the software sector.

This list predominantly evaluates relative revenue growth. Thus, it’s not commonplace for companies to secure a spot for several consecutive years. In fact, almost 60% of the companies listed this year were not included last year. FIQAS, standing for the third consecutive year in the Main Software 50, is among only eight other software companies achieving this feat. This reflects FIQAS’s consistent strategy: steady yet robust growth driven by a high level of recurring revenue, surpassing the already substantial average in the list (56%). Unfortunately, profitability weighs less significantly, despite FIQAS witnessing a 22% growth in operating profit over the past year. This raises the question of whether FIQAS will secure a fourth consecutive position next year.

CEO Rob Geleijn shared, “It’s intriguing to have our company compared on specific financial metrics with other independent software firms. While we’re extremely proud to be listed in the top 50, securing a position isn’t our sole objective. Aspects like investing in quality, being a good employer, and exhibiting societal commitment aren’t factored in, despite their importance. Although challenging to quantify, we believe they contribute to long-term success.”

CFO Annemiek Benner added, “Software companies in the Netherlands are thriving, so earning a spot is an accomplishment every year. Nonetheless, we anticipate achieving even better results in 2018 than in 2017, both in terms of revenue growth and our operating profit. We’re eager to see if it will again exceed expectations and if we’ll be part of the list next year. Nonetheless, it’s remarkable to sustain success in such a dynamic field like ICT. Only four companies listed this year were founded before 1990, and FIQAS is one of them. This consistency implies we’re consistently doing something right.

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