KPN Wholesale Innovates with FIQAS Billing Solution

25 September 2019 Billing

FIQAS Software has been contracted by KPN as the supplier for their new wholesale billing system. The solution will be gradually implemented throughout 2020, replacing the existing Wholesale Billing solution. With FIQAS’s solution, KPN takes another step in rationalizing the system architecture for billing the services used by wholesale partners.

RFP for end-to-end solution

KPN Wholesale provides telecom operators and service providers access to KPN’s fixed and mobile networks. These partners can offer their services to millions of customers under their own brand names on this modern, open network. With the existing billing systems ABC and Care approaching end-of-life, KPN issued an RFP for a ‘proven, complete end-to-end, state-of-the-art convergent IT solution capable of supporting the requirements of service interactions and lease lines for telecom operators in the wholesale market, including support for advanced telecom functionalities.’

Experienced specialist

FIQAS is delivering this solution. As an experienced specialist in complex tariffing, billing, and debtor management, FIQAS is uniquely positioned by KPN to drive the innovation intended for wholesale billing.

KPN’s trust in FIQAS is partly based on the experience KPN already has with FIQAS software and services. Since 2018, FIQAS has been providing managed service for consumption tariffing, feeding into both KPN’s and their partners’ wholesale billing processes. Additionally, FIQAS has been handling tariffing and billing for internet services, VoIP telephony, digital television, and Video on Demand for KPN subsidiary Telfort since 2013.

High Volume Billing

For this service to KPN, FIQAS is constructing a specific front-end suitable for High Volume Billing for the wholesale application. This will be combined with the modular, off-the-shelf billing platform Abillity®. FIQAS’s solution is highly flexible and capable of automating numerous standard and non-standard situations. Thanks to the system’s architecture, it can largely meet KPN’s requirements through configuration.

The High Volume Billing portal and the implementation of Abillity® are being carried out in an Agile project. Once this process is complete, KPN Wholesale’s billing process and its underlying operations will be supported in a single flexible, transparent, and optimally integrated system. The expectation is that KPN Wholesale will be able to initiate the first part of the system for the billing process in early 2020.

KPN Wholesale and FIQAS aim to further strengthen their longstanding relationship through this challenging project.

Michel van Wissen, Director KPN Wholesale:

“With FIQAS software, KPN Wholesale will have a solid, modern, and transparent billing platform. A solution with enough flexibility to adapt to our rates and rate structures, enabling us to generate reliable and accurate invoices for our wholesale partners.”

Rob Geleijn, CEO FIQAS Software: “As an experienced billing partner, FIQAS is capable and willing to create, for and with KPN, a state-of-the-art billing solution, focusing on both quality and budget. Our joint goal is a successful implementation resulting in a healthy business case for both parties.”

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