New EU waste charge directive flawlessly integrated into Abillity®

19 February 2024 Abillity® Rating

The European Union has introduced a new directive aimed at reducing marine pollution from ship waste. Ports must process waste according to strict criteria set by Green Award*. In the new scenario, this waste charge is no longer solely based on fuel but also on performance, with discounts of up to 27%. With the rating module of Abillity®, the Port of Rotterdam can effortlessly handle this change.

European Union establishes new directive

Ships produce ship waste, ranging from oil-contaminated waste to chemicals, as well as sanitary waste or regular ‘garbage’. The new directive from the European Union aims to reduce sea pollution and thus encourage more ships to dispose of their waste at the ports they visit. Ports, in turn, are responsible for disposing of the waste offered through authorized waste processors.

Rate based on more than one value

While the old directive calculated the waste charge based on the fuel type of a ship, the new directive bases the charge on data from Green Award. As of January 1, 2024, a ship is assessed by Green Award against 10 criteria indicating whether or not the ship complies. These criteria include waste separation, ecological procurement policies, and fuel type. Subsequently, the ship is assigned a discount percentage per criterion. This discount can be up to 27%.

From data to a correct rate and a clear invoice

The Port of Rotterdam has tasked FIQAS with implementing this change and having it operational by January 1, 2024. Dave Buskermolen, Product Owner at FIQAS, explains: “This change meant a different way for the Port of Rotterdam to determine the waste charge. Whereas previously only the ship’s fuel was decisive in assigning a discount percentage, the new directive requires a different method of rating.”
“We receive data from Green Award through an automated process on a monthly basis. Based on this our Abillity® rating module calculates how a ship scores on the 10 criteria and what discount percentage should be applied. Then this is neatly listed on the invoice as one clear percentage.”

About Green Award

Green Award was introduced in maritime shipping in 1994 to promote the quality and safety of seagoing vessels. Since 2011, there has also been a Green Award certificate for inland navigation. Ships and shipping companies worldwide are certified by Green Award in the areas of quality, safety, and the environment. Certification is voluntary and offers various benefits, such as improving image and discounts on, among other things, port dues.

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