PostNL Transport now rates all its services and products using the Abillity® platform

09 May 2023 Abillity® Rating

With PostNL Transport adopting Abillity® as its rating system, PostNL moves another step closer to its ambition of becoming the leading provider of logistic solutions and postal services to, from, and within the Benelux region.

A unified process for all its entities

PostNL has long been the largest postal and parcel processor in the Netherlands. To ensure ongoing scalability and cost-effective operations, PostNL aims to standardize the process of rating and invoicing across all its entities.

PostNL has established a product and service model that describes all PostNL services in a uniform manner. This description is utilized by various systems supporting the chain processes (intake, delivery, rating, invoicing, and financial reporting) of all distinct entities.

Abillity® as part of the target architecture

Within these chain processes (referred to by PostNL as target architecture), Abillity® is employed to compile products and services (rating). Various parameters, such as quantities, volume, weight, distance, time, and geographical location associated with an order, are used to determine accurate rating. Additionally, parameters recorded in master data and/or specific to the respective customer are also considered.

This approach enables PostNL to generate invoices easily despite variations in underlying products and services, thanks to generic descriptions.

PostNL maintains full control of its process and data

By opting for the Abillity® platform, PostNL employees gain the capability to oversee, manage, audit, and resolve exceptions within the rating process. They have complete access to and insight into all data, parameters, and process steps.

Abillity® supports PostNL in its ambition to become the primary provider of logistic solutions and postal services to, from, and within the Benelux region.

About PostNL

Since 1928, initially operating under the name PTT Post, PostNL has been responsible for processing mail in the Netherlands. It has now evolved into the largest logistic service provider in the Netherlands, with global operations in the postal and parcel market, managed through various independent business units. Annually, PostNL handles around 384 million parcels and 2.4 billion cards and letters.


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New EU waste charge directive flawlessly integrated into Abillity®

The European Union has introduced a new directive aimed at reducing marine pollution from ship waste. With the rating module of Abillity®, the Port of Rotterdam can effortlessly handle this change.

New SEPA file format ‘SEPA XML’ now available in Abillity®

As of 23 November 2025, it is mandatory to add address details in a structured format to bulk payments and direct debit batches. To facilitate this, a new file format (SEPA XML version 2019) has been made available. Our Abillity® platform already supports this new file format.

Secure Outsourcing of Processes with Abillity®: Confirmed According to ISAE 3402 Type II Standards!

With the ISAE3402 type II certificate you have the assurance that outsourced processes are carried out effectively and securely. Our Abillity® platform holds this certification, and once again, zero findings were identified in the past year!