FIQAS en KPN Wholesale

KPN offers a modern, open network where telecom operators and service providers – as partners of KPN – can offer their services under their own name. KPN Wholesale provides access to this network. The partners purchase minutes from KPN, to resell as their own proposition.

To rationalize the invoicing system architecture, KPN Wholesale decided to phase out the existing software system in 2017 and started looking for an alternative solution. In FIQAS, KPN found a solid, experienced partner to provide linking and rating of usage data in a professional managed service that provides the input for the invoicing processes of both KPN and its partners.

In the fully automated process provided by FIQAS, Call Detail Records (CDRs) are collected from the KPN mediation platform 24 hours a day. The CDRs are deduplicated and assigned to the right partner on the basis of the partner code. Subsequently, files with unrated CDRs are provided to the KPN partners, who invoice the usage to their customers.

The same CDRs are rated on the basis of the wholesale price plan, and delivered to KPN for invoicing in their own billing system. Included in the rating process is a COIN mechanism that adds prices to service numbers.

CDRs are rated every two hours. This processing frequency enables timely high spend alerts for fraud preventionFor this purpose, the cumulative usage of each end user is tracked over the billing period. If a certain threshold is exceeded, an automatic action is initiated.

Two partner-specific thresholds are in place. The lowest threshold is a warning threshold. If this is exceeded, an e-mail is sent to the relevant partner, who then informs the end customer or squeezes the service for the end customer. If the – higher – suspend threshold is exceeded, FIQAS sends a signal to the KPN platform to pause the service.

The entire process is monitored by the FIQAS billing managers, who also provide reports. The managed service for KPN Wholesale has been operational since Q1 2018.

For the Managed Service for KPN Wholesale, FIQAS uses its multi-faceted Abillity® software platform. Via open interfaces Abillity® is seamlessly integrated into the architecture of KPN, where it is an important link between the mediation platform and the financial systems.

Your rating process as successfull as KPN Wholesale's?

Is your proposition somewhat similar to that of KPN Wholesale? Do you have complex rating processes and large amounts of usage data? Let us convince you of our approach and software, contact us for a proposal now.

Why does KPN Wholesale select FIQAS ?

  • FIQAS as solid, experienced rating partner
  • Continuous quality in complex rating processes for large numbers of customers
  • Transparent process for provider and wholesale partners
  • Timely high spend alerts integrated in process

FIQAS and KPN Wholesale

  • KPN Wholesale supplies KPN network services to telecom and service providers in the Netherlands.
  • FIQAS provides a Managed Billing Service for usage rating, as input for the invoicing processes of both KPN and its partners.