FIQAS Software takes another great position in the Main Software 50, the ranking of the fifty most successful independent, non-listed Dutch software companies. The Main Software 50 edition 2018 is based on the results of 2017, a year in which FIQAS again achieved strong growth in turnover and results.

The Main Software 50 is initiated by Main Capital Partners, an investment company specializing in the software industry. This year’s list was announced on November 1st.

The Main Software 50 strongly focuses on relative revenue growth. It is therefore not self-evident that companies get a listing for several years in a row. In fact, almost 60% of the companies in the current list were not on last year’s list. FIQAS, however, is now in the Main Software 50 for the third consecutive year, which applies to only eight other software companies in the list. This is the direct result of the FIQAS strategy: steady, but healthy growth on the basis of a high percentage of recurring revenues, with FIQAS scoring well above the already high list average (56%). Profitability is of less importance for Main. That is unfortunate, because FIQAS’ operating result grew by no less than 22% in the past year. All of this reflects well on the chances of FIQAS to achieve the fourth listing in a row next year.

Managing Director Rob Geleijn: “It is valuable to have our company assessed on certain financial key figures with other independent software companies. Although we are very proud that we are again in the top 50, getting a listing is not an end in itself. Aspects such as investing in quality, being a good employer and showing social involvement are not taken into account. Of course, these aspects are more difficult to quantify, but in our conviction they lead to long term results.”

CFO Annemiek Benner adds: “Software companies in the Netherlands are doing well, so obtaining a listing is an achievement in itself every year. Nevertheless, in 2018 we expect to achieve even better results than in 2017, both in terms of revenue growth and the growth of our operating result. So we are curious to see whether this is again above average and whether we can also qualify for the list next year. In any case, it is great that we continue to succeed in a market as dynamic as ICT. On this year’s list there are only four companies that were established before 1990, and FIQAS is one of them. This proves we do something well structurally.” 

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