FIQAS manages accounts receivable for hollandsnieuwe

12 November 2019 Collection

Telecom provider hollandsnieuwe, VodafoneZiggo’s challenger brand, has outsourced its Accounts Receivable processes to FIQAS. In a Managed Service arrangement, FIQAS will handle debt collection and sending payment reminders.

Modular Solution

Using the Abillity® platform, FIQAS offers a robust, cost-effective solution for hollandsnieuwe‘s accounts receivable process, which initiates after generating the invoice. Abillity® is a commercial off-the-shelf, modular solution, generic in design, flexible, scalable, and auditable. Its generic structure is accompanied by a high degree of flexibility. Abillity® can be entirely configured to meet hollandsnieuwe’s specific requirements without requiring additional software development. Serving as an outsourced partner for hollandsnieuwe, FIQAS utilizes the Abillity® platform to provide managed debt collection and accounts receivable services.

Similar to other clients of FIQAS, Abillity® is integrated into hollandsnieuwe’s existing system landscape. The Abillity® solution and managed service for hollandsnieuwe are set to become operational in the very near future (Q4 of this year).

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New EU waste charge directive flawlessly integrated into Abillity®

The European Union has introduced a new directive aimed at reducing marine pollution from ship waste. With the rating module of Abillity®, the Port of Rotterdam can effortlessly handle this change.

New SEPA file format ‘SEPA XML’ now available in Abillity®

As of 23 November 2025, it is mandatory to add address details in a structured format to bulk payments and direct debit batches. To facilitate this, a new file format (SEPA XML version 2019) has been made available. Our Abillity® platform already supports this new file format.

Secure Outsourcing of Processes with Abillity®: Confirmed According to ISAE 3402 Type II Standards!

With the ISAE3402 type II certificate you have the assurance that outsourced processes are carried out effectively and securely. Our Abillity® platform holds this certification, and once again, zero findings were identified in the past year!