From Acquisition to Independence: Abillity® Adapts Effortlessly

10 March 2023 Billing Collection

You can never be certain how your organisation will evolve over the next 5 to 10 years. But the choice of the platform for your invoicing and collection processes is a decision made for the long term. It’s crucial that the chosen platform can adapt to the developments within your organisation.

Flexibility of the Platform

During gradual growth or decline of your customer base, for instance, it’s easy to scale up or down. However, in the case of an acquisition or divestment of a business unit, expansion of your product/service, cross-border activities, or exponential growth, you want to rely on the flexibility of the chosen platform.

Take, for example, the eBay Classifieds Group

Since 2010, eBay Classifieds Group (eCG) and FIQAS have collaborated. Over the years, this collaboration expanded to support various eCG entities operating as online marketplaces in diverse countries worldwide, such as Marktplaats in the Netherlands and 2ehands in Belgium.

In June 2021, eBay Classifieds Group was acquired by Adevinta. Part of this acquisition was the subsequent divestment of the Gumtree and entities. In other words: from (gradual) growth, to acquisition, right through to independence.

Separate Administrations

By fundamentally considering separate administrations, fully transparent to the parent company, the platform can evolve with the organisation’s developments. Upon potential independence of an entity, you can then detach an administration without data loss or complex migrations.

In this manner, FIQAS now supports, alongside Adevinta, Gumtree, and separately with invoicing and accounts receivable through the utilization of its flexible order-to-cash platform ‘Abillity®‘.

Jack Weij – Analyst at FIQAS: “Technically disconnecting (partial) administrations belonging to a parent account is a relatively straightforward task in Abillity®. We execute this process meticulously, ensuring that virtually none of the involved parties notice any difference. Especially because there are no practical or visual changes to the environment. The disconnected entities seamlessly transition to their independent administration. And we’re quite proud of that! A longstanding partnership can only be continually successful when you can adapt well to the dynamics of the organisation(s).”


Since 1989, FIQAS has supported organisations in their invoicing processes, specializing in executing complex and extensive payment processes. From processing transactions and rating to actual invoicing and collecting invoices, irrespective of organisation type or sector. FIQAS processes over a billion transactions monthly, generates millions of invoices, and sends tens of thousands of reminders. It’s no wonder that several reputable companies from around the world opt for the expertise and capabilities of FIQAS and its Abillity® platform.

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Advanced order-to-cash solution contributes to sustainable employability of employees

Recently, Volandis launched the advanced PreventionCarePortal (PCP), using FIQAS’ Abillity® platform, efficiently automating the complex order-to-cash process for sustainable deployment of construction and infrastructure workers.

Renewed government support through the Temporary Energy Emergency Fund

Last year, Greenchoice was among the top performers in quickly processing applications from the Emergency Fund. Quite an achievement considering it was still a temporary process and the government dictated the rules and tight deadlines.

New EU waste charge directive flawlessly integrated into Abillity®

The European Union has introduced a new directive aimed at reducing marine pollution from ship waste. With the rating module of Abillity®, the Port of Rotterdam can effortlessly handle this change.